Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Spirit

When someone says they are a "free spirit" what do you think? When someone says you are a "free spirit" what do you think? When someone points to a beautiful woman with long curly hair the color of buttered corn, a hint of blush on her cheeks, and a smile that lights up the room a "free spirit", what do you think? When someone describes a long haired, unshaven, brilliant musician as a "free spirit" what do you think? How about a seven year old, incredibly happy, significantly different, little boy with autism... "free spirit". What do you think?

To me, "free spirit" is a descriptor of people who enjoy life just the way it is. They live in the moment. They express gratitude with each breath. Their attitude towards the world exudes energy and beauty. They are "free" as a result of freeing themselves from the judgements and beliefs of others. They love who they are and have no expectations of the world around them. I am on a journey towards "free spiritness".

Interesting that throughout my entire life and even now, most of the people in my life use the term "free spirit" as a descriptor for lazy, without accountability, selfish, and meaningless.

Love to all,

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  1. Kathy,
    I remember as a kid being called a "free spirit" and it wasn't a compliment, but instead, something akin to the descriptors you list at the end of your post: unfocused, lacking direction, whimsical, foolish, lacking common sense. So, I worked really hard to not be a "free spirit", but to become an "adult".

    A couple of things that I realized as I read your post. First is that I wouldn't have been trapped by the judgements of others if I hadn't adopted those judgments myself. Their judgments only become kryptonite when I start to buy in to them.

    Second is the thought of expectation. I think that the thing that makes people most crazy when in the company of a free spirit is not that the free spirit expects nothing, but instead, that the free spirit expects everything, unreasonably so. The difference is that there is no obligation involved. The free spirit expects everything and accepts not receiving anything.

    Expecting it all and never disappointed,


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