Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bring It

He stares at the cracked concrete floor trying to focus. Where is he? How'd he get here? What's going on?

He flirts with unconsciousness like an alcoholic considering a double of Kettle-One on the rocks. Just a sip and you'll feel so much better. Close your eyes and rest. Just for a few moments.

His arm stretches forward, his fingers skimming the thin layer of dust that clings to the floor like Saran Wrap on a melon. The blackness closes in on him like ferrel dogs circling wounded prey. What's the use? There's nothing you can do. You gave it your best shot.

As he surrenders to the darkness, an image floods his mind. He sees her brandishing a rusted pipe with her left hand, her right hand swinging a thick-linked, steel chain in broad circles above her head. Her gaze arcs from left to right. She occasionally glances behind her, but there is nothing to see. Her back is to a corner.

Three silhouetted figures stand before her. Each occasionally takes a step towards her and then withdraws, held back by her tenacity and ferocity. She has no where to go. No way out. It's a stand-off, at least momentarily.

He sees her features harden. All hesitation, fear and doubt drain from her face. She taunts them and says, "Bring it!"

A rush of air races up his nostrils like a blast of smelling salts. His heart pumps madly, driving the oxygenated blood to his brain. His synapses fire bringing clarity to his mind. He'll be damned if he's going to let her stand alone.

He bolts upright, steadies himself against the cinderblock wall and takes a step towards the door. There are no guards, no one watching. They've counted him out. Three paces and he's at a full run.

He says to himself, "Yeah, bring it!"

There are times when you feel as though you've spent all you have. There's nothing left but surrender.

Yet some times, just as we reach that point of giving in, something magical happens. We find the key that opens the door to the hidden storeroom that resides in each of us, and we are renewed. The key can be the vision of a brighter future. It can be a sound or a smell. It can be words of commitment you uttered years before. It can be the wonder of someone with even less than yourself standing firmly in the face of adversity. It can be love.

With that key, we find the resources we need to stand, to look adversity in the eye, and to say, "Bring it!"

Happy Wednesday,

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