Monday, May 23, 2011


"Oh, there you are?"

What? Who said that? The people in my dream all pause like actors awaiting a character who's forgotten his line. I look around to see what's going on.

Umf. Someone drops a 130 pound beanbag chair across the length of my body.

I will my eyes to open and find two eyes staring back at me, just inches away.

"I was wondering what happened to you?", says Iris who's lying on top of me her arms folded and propped on my chest. "When did you get out of bed?"

"I... what time is it? Where..."

I turn my head. I'm on the couch in the living room. It's light, but not that light.

"Umm... oh yeah, I woke around two and needed some noise to sleep."

"It's almost six."

Iris climbs off me. I sit up and plant my feet on the floor, groggy. My mind refuses to engage. What day is it? Umm... It must be Monday.

I stare at the floor. My mind just keeps going, "Umm... umm... umm..."

I push myself up off the couch and stand, still staring, still drifting.

"OK, I better get up. I'm going to take a shower."

"Sure, but if you'd like to come back to bed, I'll come with you. You look like you're not really ready to get up."

I reach to turn on the shower, and then think, "Hmmm... maybe just a few more minutes in bed."

I walk back into the bedroom and lie down. The bed is still warm from Iris having slept there. She climbs in next to me, my right arm sliding under her as she throws her right leg and right arm over me.

I close my eyes and drift away. I dream.

Thoughts form, images really. They begin to cluster like small groups of friends at a cocktail party. The small clusters float and swirl. It seems random at first, but then patterns emerge.

It's about waking. Do people normally awaken the way I did this morning? How do they do that? What gets them through the day?

The clusters meld into strands. The strands become cords.

Thoughts become ideas. Ideas become themes. Themes form a line of reasoning.

I feel my mind being pulled rapidly to the surface like a skier being pulled from the water by a speed boat. My eyes flash open. In a single motion, I sit upright, roll might feet over the edge of the bed, take a couple of steps around the end, and then stand looking at Iris, fully awake.

She smiles at me seemingly delighted and says, "What did you figure out?"

I say, "I realize that I always wake up knowing exactly what I want to do. While I'm sleeping my mind begins building the plan. It could be solving a software puzzle or writing a blog or washing dishes. Whatever it is, something reaches critical mass and I just pop up."

"Uhh huh."

"When you woke me this morning, I didn't go through that process and I felt groggy, totally disoriented. Is that how most people wake up? I can't imagine doing that every day. How do they do it?"

How do you awaken?

Happy Monday,


  1. Yeah, that's pretty much how I wake up every day (minus Iris), actually I go through tat 3-4 times starting at about 5 am and finally get up in response to "Wow, I'm hungry" or more often " really gotta pee!". Can't ecer recall having the "know what I gotta do" shoot out of bed experience. Usually it's semi-conscious till I get in the shower and the water hits my head.

  2. Probably a lot different experience without Iris.

    If you could have the shoot-out-of-bed experience, would you?

    Iris has developed various methods of managing her sleeping consciousness, e.g., banning unwelcome dreams. (She also seems to be able to control the weather and parking spaces in the North End.)

    Anyway, I was thinking she might derive the shoot-out-of-bed-in-the-morning method for anyone interested.


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