Sunday, May 8, 2011

Secrets Revealed (2)

I still am thinking a lot about secrets I carry with me. With secrets I mean things that make me who I am but which may not be known to others. These secrets can be so small that they do not seem secrets until someone points out to me they didn’t know or expect “that” from me.

The following short writing I shared during the last writing group session. I got lots of laughter and surprise about the little story. One of the feedback comments was that before I started sharing my writings with the group they had never expected that I would be a person that makes all kind of things come alive. I make animals talk and I create imaginary worlds where trumpets are the main characters. Many of my stories seem to incorporate surprises, and people often tell me that they are amazed about where the stories take them. They never know what will come when I start reading. They told me that during daily life I seem to hide this creative side of me under a blanket of serious demeanor.

Now you know another little secret about me! I have a creative side, and I will share with you in the piece below. Enjoy!


Two black oily fingers pulled the shiny ring out the bucket where it had been living since birth six months ago. The fingers rapped his belly around a greasy nut and a bolt was twisted onto the nut behind him. The intimacy with his new neighbors made the ring a bit uncomfortable. The ring had not known how to respond to the “Ai yai yai yai, you feel good. What’s your name, baby?

The bolt mentioned exciting times to come. These exiting times turned out to be spending lots of time in this small tight space together. The ring preferred the moments the car, where they were mounted to, was driving. Driving made his belly tingle. The bolt instead preferred the resting moments. While driving, it would complain about the ring not sitting still or complain that the ring surely had gained weight. When the car was in rest, it would hum happy songs, songs that made the ring fall asleep.

After ten years of due duty, the bolt cried: ”I can no longer.....”.

The ring was in shock. His by now best friend had spontaneously disappeared and its house didn’t feel like a house anymore. The house had changed into a bouncing, shaking, rambling slide and the ring could feel itself move towards edge.

Before long the ring fell down from the pin that had hold it for the last 10 years. With a tingle it bounced onto the pavement and came to a rest in a puddle. If it had a mouth, you would have seen it smile. If it had eyes, you would have caught the expression of pure pleasure about this unexpected event. It was free. The ring’s work was done. The ring was retired.

The ring had no idea what would be next. Old age had taken away its healthy shine, and the grease that was meant for smearing had dried out and had left black stains on its sharkskin suit. It had no place to go and nothing to do. The water felt comfortable against its skin and the ring started to relax. Then..., wait..., did the ring hear something humming in the distance?

The ring listened to it for a while and slowly snoozed into a comfortable sleep.

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  1. I'll be darned; that's the first story I have ever read that starred humble bolts, nuts and washers. I'll never look at them the same way again!


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