Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And then they went silent....

My favorite time of day is dawn. I love the interconnectedness of color and sound. How the blues, pinks, purples, whites and greys dance around the sky to the music of the birds. I can hear the flowers stretching their petals as they open their eyes toward the sun. I can hear the vibrant green grass as each blade sways into another. As the breeze whispers good morning and the birds respond in song, I am thankful for the benevolence of the universe as so boldly expressed through my experiences.

As I embrace this moment with incredible joy, the birds demonstrate their passion for the universe by singing more loudly and with increased speed. The flowers pop open with great desire for the sun. The grass appears to do "the wave" as the breeze whips through the yard. This is my experience as I quietly read an amazing novel to wake up my brain for the day.

Time to switch gears as the computer beckons me to write my blog. At this moment I am unsure of my topic. I stimulate my thinking in one of my most favorite ways or at least before today, this is what I thought. I begin to read the blogs of this wonderful writing community.

I am now experiencing discomfort as I read through a blog that feels misplaced. I pause to fully experience and explore my discomfort. I am fascinated by the silence.

The birds seem to be holding their breath as the flowers duck for cover inside their petals. The grass is still and the colors have intertwined themselves into a mysterious grey. It begins to rain or so it seems as a foggy mist suffocates the air.

Has all of this really happened in the last three minutes? Did I change my environment through my emotions? Did the environment change my emotions?

Love to all,

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  1. Kathy,

    I love your description and the questions you pose.

    As I sat yesterday waiting for a connection at O'Hare, I had an experience similar to the opening of your post. Yet, it wasn't flowers, grass and birds, but travelers, conveyer belts, and flight announcements. I commented to one of my traveling companions, "Wow, I should record this and create one of those meditation CDs."

    Isn't it amazing how much we as individuals have to do with the serenity and peacefulness of our environments. Did the birds just get quieter, or did I just filter them out? Did that lady complaining to the gate attendant just get louder or did I just zero in on her?



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