Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ahh! What a weekend! Wait, it’s Wednesday. So it’s not the weekend, but it feels like the best weekend ever!

Before we get to the weekend… Have you ever felt like you are working hard on the treadmill of your life, but maybe not sure if you are keeping the main thing the main thing? I have for the past couple of weeks.  My normal life is full of planned and unplanned happenings. I told a few friends last week that I live close to the boundaries of my capacity and sometimes, I fall over the edge. The past few weeks have felt like life lived over the edge. I was moving through, stuffing things away as they came up, acknowledging, but not really processing much. I got to the place where I thought, This isn’t fun. Getting into my grateful, present, joyful place seemed to be taking more and more effort.

I had been thinking about going away for a few days. Last Wednesday, a friend offered me her empty house in the woods and it sounded divine! Since I celebrate birthdays for at least a week (mine was May 7), a getaway would have been a great birthday present. That idea opened up a world of possibilities, but I couldn’t get the days, the babysitters, the kids appointments, doctor’s visits, therapies, all to line up in an orderly fashion so I could just vanish.

Isaiah heard me trying to plan my get-away and he said wistfully “You’re going away while I’m not here??” His grandfather had just died and he was going to be in Jamaica for 5 days to attend the funeral. Maybe his comment planted a seed, and by the following Monday, I decided on a plan. I would go to Jamaica with Isaiah, book us into a hotel for 2 days so we could both get some rest, and I would return home, while he stays and helps with the various arrangements and life celebrations.

The turnaround time was very short. Isaiah was leaving on Tuesday. Yet, with only a few hours to plan, everything fell into place beautifully. 2 wonderful friends volunteered to tag-team with the kids for us, and yesterday (Tuesday) morning, I was off to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Private Party
I got here in the afternoon, and lazed around, slept, watched tv, ate, ate again, until Isaiah got here at about 10:30 pm.  This morning, I prayed for a slow, time standing still day, and I got it!  We defined going slow as There is no next thing and it was a perfect mantra for the day. We stayed in every moment, milked it for everything we could get, gave it all we had in the moment, and went to the next. We ate and talked and slept and played in the Caribbean Sea and ate and talked and listened …well, it wasn’t only what we did, but being present with everything and with each other was truly amazing. In all that, I got to process much of my “what’s the main thing?” questioning.

Processing our reactions to life can take so many forms. I can tend to be pretty formula oriented. If you are sniffling, take 1000mg vitamin C and garlic. If you feel sad, take all your vitamins and do a dialogue. Yet, part of holistic living is seeing the many interrelated things that create who we are and how we experience life in the moment. Drinking juice, exercise, time with your partner, a joyful romp with your kids may all be as important as an exploration of your triggers and beliefs. Sometimes there is one thing that helps, sometimes you have to get several things lined up.

I had many realizations today about the main thing, but I’ll tell you about those another time. Meanwhile, if you’re doing your main thing, Yeah! If you are, and aren’t joyful about it, please take a moment, a day, a mid-week weekend to be with yourself in loving ways. You may figure out what’s going on for you, or it may just hit you, in all that self love! If you’re not doing the main thing right now, a quick word: The main thing may just be the next thing. Some self-love may help you see the what and how.

Anyway, I have 12 more hours on the north coast of Jamaica, so I’m going back to stretching them out!

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