Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've started writing (almost) every day.  It's the good news, and the bad news all at once.
  • I allow myself to just write without thinking about my thoughts
  • I stop writing when my allotted time is done, unless I choose to continue
  • I don't think about my audience, so I practice not censoring my thoughts
  • The piece I've written is only as organized as the flow of my thoughts in the moment
I have to tell you that almost all my previous writing is carefully thought out, mostly organized in my head before I even sit in front of the computer.   Like it was when I was teaching, the lesson was complete before I started to write my notes.  I don't do too much editing, I don't always enjoy re-reading my own writing.  (I'm a great editor for other people!)   As part of my careful thought, I always imagine all my possible audiences, so I'm always speaking to someone, filtering so that they can hear me, thinking about the image I'm projecting. 

So the experience of frequent timed writing is messing with me.  Actually, It's taking me on a journey, and I'm in an unfamiliar place.  I'm in between here and there (although there is a moving target).  This in between place insists I trust myself and express my thoughts as they come, which has produced several pieces that I can't yet share.  I hardly write without thinking about sharing it, yet these pieces fall in those categories.  In them, I feel naked, random, caught in awhirlwind of thought.  And that may indeed be the good news, but the flip side is the dirth of what I'll call 'publically appropriate writing'.  It's as if I now have two modes I can be to write, uncensored and censored.  I'm not yet sure how censored I want to be.  I'm re-examining the rules about what I'm willing to write about and why, about my willingness to expose my thoughts in black and white.

At any rate, I'm pretty excited about where this could all lead!  Meanwhile, here's something I wrote recently.  Perhaps it's a poem.  I tuned out of all those language arts classes so I'm not sure....

Your love, your thoughts, your attention,

your laugh, your song.

All the things that are you.

All that you give to me.

All that I get to see.

The miracle in progress in you.

The miracle unfolding, enveloping me.

It’s astonishing.

It’s amazing.

It’s incredible to be

so close,

to touch, to feel, to hear, to breathe ….



  1. Faith,
    You have me totally intrigued. Can't wait for all this to get past the censors.


  2. Me too, Faith. Sounds like a fascinating process unfolding.

  3. Faith,

    You hit the mark with this for me. I am writing very regularly, but I decide that most of that is not appropriate for this blog. It might not be thought through enough. It might not be realistic enough. It might not be... or maybe it would be too...

    Where Mark has used the blog to have the readers grow with him into the areas he moves into, I have been holding back to share everything that comes out of my pen. I'm going to think bout this some more. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  4. Iris, That's really it. It may be too... or not... and people invent their own stories from what you say.


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