Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Touched by an Angel

I have always believed in Angels. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by fate, kindness, intuition, and most importantly life experiences. People have always shown up in my life exactly when I needed them. I didn't always know that I needed them at the time but my experiences speak for themselves. Reading Mark's blog today was another opportunity to experience an angel. You see, I knew that I wanted to write about my angels for the past few weeks but as you know, I have not written. Technically, I have been having travel and computer glitches, cosmically, I was waiting to be reminded about all the angels in my life. Take Mark for example. Let's call him an "acquired taste angel". Like my experience with wine, I didn't like it much at first and now I absolutely love it. I didn't know Mark was an angel when we first met but his love, spirit, and constant challenge has changed my life forever. He brought us here to this beautiful place, shared his amazing wife with us, and provides just the right amount of stimulus to encourage greatness.

Now let's explore Iris. She is an angel too. I realized this over this amazingly cold and snowy Berkshire winter when her smiling face appeared in our glass doorway each morning to play with David (for anyone new to these amazing blogs, David is our son who was blessed with autism). I have no doubt that if she had to drive the ATV to get to our house, she would. I realized her love for working with children was the difference between dedication and passion. Given all of our challenges this past year, I am confident we made it through with our dedication to happiness above all else thanks to our angel, Iris.

I have been exploring the possibility that David experiences lots of angels in his life. We see many of them like Iris every week. I believe there are many others that only David can see. I am home on vacation this week and have had an opportunity to observe him all day long in his playroom. It became clear to me why autism was once referred to as "childhood schizophrenia". David talks and plays with his angels all day long. They are incredibly creative, always know how to play his games, provide him opportunities to grow, and laugh a lot. I have decided they must be angels because they never get upset, tired, or jealous, they never judge, they always love unconditionally, and five years into David's home based program, he still prefers to stay with his angels than join our world. In addition to the angels we can't see, he also prefers the angels we can to most other people except his sister who is obviously an angel too.

Are you an angel? To whom are you an angel? To whom do you want to be angel? Are we all angels?

Love to all,

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