Friday, April 15, 2011

This Changes Everything

Did you at least tell her what you had in mind?

Sure I did. I told her straight up that this could be big, REALLY big. I said, "This is going to change everything!'

How exactly did that tell her? Did you share specifically what you had in mind?

Specifically? Well, she didn't ask, "What do you mean by REALLY big", or, "What exactly do you mean by EVERYTHING?", so I assumed she knew what I meant.

Uh, huh. What DID you mean?

I meant that this writing thing was gonna be really big, huge; it was gonna change everything.

Change everything?

Yeah, everything!

For example…

For example, it's gonna cause people to THINK. You know how they hate doing that. Well, writing is not only gonna force them to think; they're gonna think and love it, really love it.

OK, so she's gonna email these little, whadyacall'em, "writing prompts" to people…

To MILLIONS of people!

OK, to MILLIONS of people, every day she's gonna send these things to MILLIONS of people and that's going to cause MILLIONS of people who hate thinking to love thinking?

Exactly! I mean, for example.

What else? For example…

For example, as people learn to LOVE thinking, one of two things will happen. Either the people in their lives (friends, family, coworkers) will learn to love people who think, or they won't.


So if the people in their lives start loving people who think, they may want to try thinking themselves. Before you know it, we've gone from one million people thinking to TEN MILLION people thinking.

And if they don't fully appreciate the nouveau socratics among them?

Well, then you'll get… hmm… martyrs… sure, they'll either embrace'em or kill'em.

That's it? That's your plan? She's gonna send emails to people…


She sends emails to MILLIONS of people EVERY DAY asking them to write about some random topic and that's gonna cause MILLIONS of people to think and resultingly, to LOVE to THINK and then their thinking will either inspire others to THINK or to KILL them? That's your plan?

Well, I never actually used the word "plan". I just said that it would be really big and that it would CHANGE EVERYTHING.

And what was it that you mentioned about irradiating lawyers?

Not irradiating, eradicating. And I didn't mean the actual people, just the profession.

OK, what was it you said about eradicating the legal profession?

Well, as people become better thinkers, they'll be come happier. Happy people don't burgle or rob or kill or even sue. So the legal profession will go the way of blacksmithing.

And alcoholism?

Sure, alcoholism will be one of the first things to go. Imagine flying cross country and sitting down next to someone who was completely fascinating or going to a party where people aren't talking about their latest vacations or acquisitions or the local gossip. There'll be no reason to numb your brain.

And you think that she understood all this from what you said?

Ummm… well, now that you mention it, maybe not. But that's just because she's not writing herself. She's just sending out the writing prompts.

So, she's sending these things out, but she's not responding to them herself.

Hmmm… well, strictly speaking, I don't know that. It's just a theory. Still, you gotta admit, if people started thinking, things would change, right?

Sigh… you're hopeless.

Are you kidding? I'm terrifically hopeful! Awesomely hopeful! Why would you think of me as hopeless?

You don't understand, I didn't mean that… hmmm… OK, it's not that YOU are hopeless; it's just that…

Just that what?

It's just that… that, I AM HOPELESS regarding you. Shit, did you hear what I just said?

Of course I did. What did you MEAN by it, by "I AM HOPELESS?"

I meant that… shit… I meant that I've given up on ME and as a result, I'm reluctant, strike that, I'm totally resistant to anyone with hope.

That's what you meant?

Sigh… yes, that's what I meant.


So, I guess that I've been evaluating everything that you've been saying through my own cynical filter of hopelessness.


So, sigh... seeing that changes friggin' everything!

See, I told you it would!

Happy Friday,

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