Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What to Write?

I woke up this morning and could not think of a single topic to write about. "Interesting", I said out loud to myself as I listened to the birds slowly wake up to share their songs with the world. For someone who seems to never run out of things to say, I struggled with selecting my song to share with the world. I love engaging with myself, all of you, and the universe through my blogs. It helps me stretch my thinking, inspire debate, challenge my beliefs, and freely express my thoughts with the world. So why in the world am I running out of ideas about what to write?

Here's what I learned as I answered this question:

  1. I am intimidated by how well the other bloggers write and they seem to be getting better while I am getting worse. This was an interesting awareness as I would typically say that I am not competitive but my behavior obviously suggests otherwise. My comparisons are leading to self judgement which is obviously not helping my blogger's block. So why does competitiveness inspire some to do better while others do worse?

  2. I judge the value of my blog based on the comments I receive. Given the fact that my last few blogs have inspired 0 comments, I am assuming that my blogs must not be very good. So where exactly did the phrase "no news is good news" come from? How did I end up believing no news is bad news?

  3. My life is boring. This was an interesting awareness given I am my own life's designer. Why am I designing a boring life for myself? Why do I like being boring since I have done nothing to redesign my life and I fundamentally believe we are always designing exactly what we want.

  4. I am having a judging relapse. As I explore all my writer's block issues, they all boil down to judgment of myself and others. Why have I slipped back into major judgement mode? It is obvious to me that judging is adding no value to my life. This week, I plan to track everything I judge and create some insight for myself. Will you join me?

Love to all,


  1. Hi Kathy, I have the same thoughts sometimes! It was funny to read your blogger judgements and hear them in my own voice. Though I do explore a bit why I'm judging, I decided to increase my writing as a way to help me not over think it all, and be action oriented. I love your writing. you have a wonderful, gentle way that I find really anchoring. My not commenting is about me, reading the blog on the phone while cooking, etc. Since I know that I too don't post every comment I have on a blog, I use that awareness to short circuit that judgement when I hear it about my own writing.

    This week, I'm judging quite a few other thinga about myslef. Thanks for the awareness and encouragement to track it, to see what it's about.


  2. Kathy, what a great iPhone app, The Judgement Tracker.

    It could start off simply as something that you use to record judgments as they occur, but then evolve to something that employs biometrics to automatically sense judgments.

    Isn't it funny how when we can't think of a single topic about which to write, it's not because we can't think of topics; it's because all the topics that come to mind "suck". I think each of us is endlessly creative; the block is not due to a dearth of ideas, but to judging everything that springs from our creative wells.


    PS I was touched by your post last week.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    This is so sweet. You are building a new house, your son is for three weeks in a special program, your daughter is being a little sunshine during this all, while you continue work and your husband is managing the builders. I wonder all the time how you guys get all of it done. So much to arrange and do. So much possibilities for things going "right" or "wrong". I would love to hear more about how you deal with all that.

    Also, once in a while I promise that from now on I will comment to every blog so the authors know they are appreciated. I do it for a couple of days and then... Just what Faith said. I read it at an inappropriate moment to comment, or in my case more often, I read it just before I run off to see your son. This morning I comment, but that's because my little friend is not at home for me to play with!


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