Saturday, April 16, 2011

Because You Can

This morning, you awoke with more power than you're willing to acknowledge.


You awoke with the power to make a difference, the power to decide between...

Joy and sorrow

Wealth and poverty

Acceptance and rejection

Warmth and cold

Creativity and frustration

Success and failure

Slavery and freedom

Love and hate

Oppression and liberation

Life and death

You awoke with more power than you'll experience the whole day long. It flowed through your being, top to bottom, left to right, back to front in perpetual motion, refusing to acquiesce, threatening to change everything, held in check by just one irresistible force: you.

Was your resistance to it active and obvious or passive and covert? No doubt you had good reasons to deny the power that coursed through your veins: your job, your kids, your partner, expectations of others, ailments, incapacity. Everyone's gotta make a living... Feed her children... Worship her god... Pay her due... There are more reasons than one can count.

So you stuffed the genie back into its bottle to wait until tomorrow. But it won't wait. Denying your power doesn't negate it. All day long you'll exert your power in decisions, some of them made with astute awareness and others with casual indifference. Whether casual or formal, you'll make choices today and the power you have will be made manifest through them. In some cases it will be immediately obvious, in others, the impact won't be seen for generations.

You can deny your power, but you cannot avoid it; your power will find a way. It may erupt violently in the form of decisive action or it may seep slowly through a series of seemingly unrelated decisions. Your power will find a way.

When you deny the power that flows through you, you divert it to tiny streams that collect the denied power of those around you. Those streams contribute to larger ones and then to rivers, building mass and speed, the denied power of millions careening through history, carving away at humanity and reshaping it. It is not the immense power of the few, but the denied power of the millions that leads to tyranny, oppression, slavery, genocide and holocaust.

Still, the power of just one can change everything: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, loving the unlovable, listening to the unheard, teaching the uneducable, encouraging the saints.

Today you awoke with more power than you can imagine.


Happy Saturday,

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