Thursday, April 21, 2011


It was so far, the end could well have been the horizon. All we could see were trees and more trees. The compass said we were going in the right direction and we should keep walking, but sometimes technology is wrong, right?? They say it’s insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I wanted to see the end of these trees and who could say that we were really making any progress? I felt insane.  Maybe I should change direction…

As far as we could tell, the compass was working.  It’s not the one on the Iphone, so not very high tech. This one was older than I was. So, unless the maps are all wrong, and all the people who had walked this way before were wrong…. But it was so far! It looked impossible to get as far as we need to go by just walking. Who knew what else we would find along the way?

Trust. We can trust our instincts that got us on this path in the first place. Trust. We can trust the technology we are using to help us chart our path. Trust. We can trust the voices in our head, the people who went ahead who said that the trip was long, but that we would make it, if we keep putting one foot in front of the other.

So the decision is made.  We move on.  We rest, and we walk and we rest and we walk. No point in doing a sprint. This is a marathon. Trips like these aren’t for the eager fly by night, the sprinter who runs out of steam at 400m. This trip is for the steady, the person who won’t forget the why, getting lost in the how. As I talk to myself about the insanity of the task, I think about the why. I get lost in the big picture. I notice that this big picture does not pull me forward, it slows me down. The big picture is bigger than the end of this trip, and with no visible end in sight, that big picture is daunting. Forget the big picture. Follow the plan.  Put one foot in front of the other. You are almost there.

Deep in thought, I didn’t notice that Amon had been busy checking his charts, the compass and the various other bits of paper and equipment we had to let us know where we were. I am roused from my contemplative revere by the sound of his boots quickly crunching the dry leaves. He had broken into a run. Am.... his name froze on my lips as I too see the wonderful welcome sight before us. He is racing towards it, new energy in his limbs. Energy rushes through me, for the first time in weeks. I pick up my heels and follow him and we both rush headlong to the sight at the edge of the woods.

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