Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Autism Views

This morning I would like to share a special research project started on the Relate to Autism website.

They started a world-wide survey called World Autism Views 2011. Below you will find some of the information listed on their website:

With about one in 100 children in the US and the UK being diagnosed with autism, some say that autism is a raging epidemic and others that it is simply being over diagnosed. Potential causes range from psychological trauma to genetics to toxic poisoning. Some argue that there is no cure and others argue that autism is completely reversible. Some see autism as a blessing and others as a curse.

Perhaps the reason that the experts can’t agree on the causes of autism is because there are in fact many causes. Perhaps the reason that the experts can’t agree the best approach to autism treatment is that each child is different; the best approach for one child may not be the best approach for another. Perhaps the reason some view autism as a blessing and others as a curse, is simply a choice of the viewer. There are countless opinions, numerous agendas and few answers. In the end, each parent must choose as individuals the path they will pursue for their child.

With so many questions still unanswered and so little scientific information translated from English into other languages we are in the dark about how people across the globe view autism.

The World Autism Views Project aims to give a voice to people everywhere so researchers can design appropriate programs for children with autism. The survey is available in over 20 languages and is anonymous. The results will be available by May 1st on an interactive map.

contribute your view

Kat Houghton, the designer of this survey, would like to have as many different people all over the world to participate in this survey.

To support this amazing project I would like to ask you to take 10 minutes to participate in this survey and by inviting others to do the same. You do not need to have a child with autism, or be trained into the area of autism to participate.

Your answers will be anonymous and will help researchers design culturally-sensitive programs for children with autism.

You can contribute to World Autism Views 2011 survey from March 27-April 16, 2011.

Click here to go to the survey page

With all we still have to learn about autism, I am excited to be able to promote this survey on this site. I hope you are excited too and will fill out the survey, just like I did this morning.


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