Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy?? Birthday?? to Me??

Well, This is going to be a shortie, but I want to check in anyway so I don't fall out of the habit of reporting on my so-called progress. The chart from this past week shows that I have been pretty good at controlling my blood sugar. I have only gone out of range on the high side twice, and one reading was out because I mistakenly tested only a half an hour after eating. So out of 27 legitimate readings this week I was in or below range 27 times. AproposMark's "How to Cheat with Statistics" blog, This means my performance has gone down to 96% from last week's 99%, but that's because I also had only one reading out of range last week but I took lots more readings. All in all, I'm doing OOK. As for my weight, I am now down to 327 pounds!! This elephantine number may not seem like a lot to celebrate until you know that I started last May at 377 lbs. and in October, when I found out I was diabetic and seriously took on weight loss as a goal (I didn't care about it over the Summer though I lost 13 lbs. then) I was at 363. So all in all I have lost 50 lbs. from last year's high and am 2 pounds away from the lowest I have been since 2005! This is doing all sorts of good things for my health.

Funny, today is my birthday and I have spent a good deal of time this morning feeling vaguely disphoric. Then I saw Iris' spectacular show of love ahead of me on today's blog page, got a call from my dear friend Zhenya in Siberia and sat down to write this blog celebrating my achievements. Now I feel loads better, almost happy even. Perhaps there is something after all to the idea that taking positive action to embrace and be present with what is good about your life results in the spontaneous generation of happiness in one's self. Who knew? I comfort myself with the thought that the feeling is temporary at best!

Well, that's all for now. I guess this birthday thing will be a good thing after all, so I'm going out to enjoy it.

Love to all,

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