Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stolen moments

10 minutes a day. What is ten minutes a day? It is a time short enough to be able to commit to every day, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought when I committed myself to writing ten minutes a day. Going to the bathroom can take more time than that! Doing dishes takes more time than that! So, it should be easy.

But it is not. I have been dragging and dreading and no words have flown on the paper for days... for weeks. And the last writing class in which everyone got so inspired... I wasn’t there. So everyone is writing away with smiles on their faces from oblivious happiness and ecstatic intense moments while I resist to getting started.

And you know, there is no one I can blame for it but myself. I wish I could say, hee you Will, It is your fault. Your articles are so awesome, I am shy shocked. Or Lina, it is your fault. You are so detailed in your writings, I can never write like that so why even try. But no, I would be lying. I have not been writing because I prioritized other things.

Even though these things may be great, like practicing music for our upcoming gig, it still sounds like an excuse (and it is!) for what I have promised but do not deliver. And damned am I good at that. I never just screw up, it is always because there was something else I was doing.

It is great to never run out of ideas and be interested in a lot of things, but seeing that I am a person that has a hard time to multi-task, there seem to always be things that slide out of my reach, while I attend to other things. Sometimes it gets frustrating to never be able to catch up. To feel you are always behind.

Here I am, I could write for 10 minutes about stolen moments, and instead I spent at least twelve minutes stealing this stolen moment to rant. 

10 minutes a day! I tell you ten minutes a day is nothing and everything.

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  1. sound a bit like my meditation practice...I do still take some small meditation or breathing breaks - but the morning and after work meditation ... I am not currently committed to it.


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