Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Deal with the Witch Doctor

Do you notice the blank spot in my Blood Glucose readings? From last Wednesday till mid-day Saturday I got fed up with trying to manage my weight loss/diabetes issue because the colliding parameters of the various different advice I've been getting were more than I wanted to deal with. So I asid f#@k it and just stopped trying. By mid-Saturday I was several pounds heavier and decided to get back to what I had been doing before. By today I have lost most of the weight I had gained (2 pounds to go) and am moving on to my next, more constructive, step.

I sit here today armed with a new resolve to simplify my approach and follow just one program.

So today I had my phone appointment with Dominique, the Witch Doctor. He looked at my trend chart for the last two weeks and my food diary and told me - "Look, this isn't the diet I laid out for you. Give me 2-3 weeks of REALLY doing what I tell you to do and I guarantee that your Blood Glucose Level will be more than in control, it will be consistently below 100.
I have found that a real hard part of keeping this program going is that it asks me to make food choices and construct my meals in a very different way than i am used to. I have this persistent belief that if I follow his program I will not be able to feed myself in a way that I find satisfying enough to stick with. Now this is somewhat unusual as Dominique, besides being a doctor, is French and a 5 star chef. He has provided me with many recipes to make my job easier. however, consistent with my belief that this will be too hard, I haven't even read the materials he gave me.

However, Dominique is so hell bent on helping me succeed that he has schedule another hour for me tomorrow just so we can sit down together and actually plan out a menu for the next week, day by day.

I see that I have a lot to deal with in terms of overcoming my own resistance and veering away from my steadfast dedication to failure. This promises to be an interesting ride. I am putting my other advisors on hold and going after this path for a while to see where it gets me (Sorry Mark, juicing is off the menu for now, wish me luck!).

I still feel very in the dark about what I'm doing, but not knowing the answer and doing something seems better to me than doing nothing while figuring out the answer. Tune in next week for the results of week one!


  1. Hi Mark,

    One thing at the time sounds like a great plan.

    It also seems that your sugar didn't get out of control, that's something to celebrate. Don't be hard on yourself for letting go of focus for a couple of days. The fact that you are picking it back up is one to celebrate. You can choose where to put your attention, I recommend to do it on the positive actions you are making.

    I had the same kind of thing going on with my running, and I am nowhere near where I wanted to be. But I did pick it back up, and I am working towards my next goal, and celebrate my little actions along the way.

    Big hugs XXX

  2. Go Mark!
    Do ONE thing with all your heart all your mind and all your soul.


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