Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's amazing to me how the process of learning creates new motivation for more learning. I spent this last weekend with a few wonderful friends learning an approach called HANDLE. HANDLE refers to a Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency. It was a wonderful combination of physiology, social development, diet, toxicity, and other approaches to development combined into a wonderful approach of working with children who operate "differently" in our world. Many of these "different" people have all kinds of labels like autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD NOS, mental retardation, etc. What was most beautiful about this training was the people who practice HANDLE don't have any interest in the label, they only have interest in the people, their families, and everyone's ability to build new neuro pathways in their brains. They believe in the power of beliefs and as a result believe that anything and everything is possible. It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends, teachers, therapists, and other everyday people of all ages who simply believe in the power of trust, commitment, beliefs, and love.

The days were full of exercises that would benefit everyone who has challenges. I learned that we all have challenges, some are simply more accepted by society than others. It was fun to learn that like my son, I have challenges with proprioception. Proprioception refers to the brain's unconscious sense of body- in- space. Have you ever tried to bring your body through a hula-hoop without touching the hoop and then trying the same exercise going through the hoop backwards? It is amazing that for some people like me, no matter how big the hoop is, I have trouble going through backwards. My issues with proprioception result in a discomfort backing up while driving, or occasionally bumping into things if I am moving backwards while David's issues result in discomfort in crowds, hysteria over hair washing, swinging between pieces of furniture and a host of other "different" behavior. Who would have known that hula hoop exercises would benefit both of us.

This seminar was a wonderful reminder of how much I don't know about so much. It re- inspired me to learn more every day, to surround myself with people smarter than me, and to share all I know. Learn about HANDLE. If nothing else, you will have some fun!

Love to all,


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