Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mark

Written by Iris Tuomenoksa

Today it is a special day. It is Mark's birthday. It is not that his birthday is more special than Kathy's birthday a couple of weeks ago, or Teflon's birthday in a couple of weeks, but it is extra special because we are stuck in our house after huge rain has eaten out our driveway and I have time to play around on my computer long enough to become aware of his birthday. (There is world out there!)

I also have time to think about how I want to celebrate him, and so I went into my photo file and found a nice picture of him to post with an accompanying little note:

Happy Birthday my friend.
Check your email box for a message from me later today :-)

Because I am not sure if Mark will show up with a post today because of his birthday (I surely look forward to an update) I decided to go into his last weeks draft that only consisted of his glucose measurement pictures, so you can see that he has been doing GREAT containing his sugar levels.

Keep it going, Mark. We are so looking forward to have you in shape so we can all walk the West Highland Way in Scotland together :-)

Love you XXX

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Mark!
    We're cheering you along as you begin your next 54 years!
    Have a ecstatically happy, sugar-free, celebratory day!


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