Sunday, February 13, 2011

Workout is Happiness!

It’s 4am and I wake up. It’s still dark outside and I am lying in bed thinking about the conversations Mark, Clay and I had the evening before at the bar of Bizen, our favorite local sushi restaurant in town.

Clay asked me “what makes you happy”. And I answered all kind of stuff and rattled of all kind of things that I enjoy in life. It was a long, convoluted answer that we discussed and distilled with enthusiasm.

“Scratch whatever we said” I think at 4am. “Workout is happiness. That’s it.”

I understand this might sound silly without any further explanation, so I am going to see if I can make a solid case here that still makes sense in the morning light.

Happiness is about enjoying the process not about reaching goals.

During dinner we discussed how happiness seems to be related to doing things without having to hold on to the outcome. You want to do certain things because doing them makes you feel happy.

I threw in that I like to also work towards something. And when I loose the something out of sight I seem to become less happy. Then when I realize I do some unhappiness and refocus on what I want and where I go, I become happy again. So, I made the statement that I maybe need goals to be happy.

Mark threw that from the table. He said that I regularly enjoy things that have no goals or attributes of going somewhere. When I asked him for specifics he said “you can for example happily watch television without having a goal related to it”. "That’s true", I thought and decided to believe that goals are not related to happiness.

We never ended this discussion that evening, and leaving the restaurant I still had the belive that happiness and movement are interrelated for me. Maybe not a goal oriented movement, but movement anyway...

Workout is Happiness!

go with the flowWorkout is movement. Workout is an active statement of moving around flow. Flow of body fluids, flow of energy. At 4 am, I am realizing that this is for me the most important thing to feel alive. I feel alive when flow is moving in my body and mind. It’s the motion that makes me tick.

A workout for me can be running or walking, but also learning a new language, finding new ways to challenge the kids I work with, reading a good book, or seeing a great television show. It is anything that creates interest, a want, and a flow of energy in me. The more motion or flow I have going on, the more wonderful I feel.

What do you think about this?

I wish you a good workout today!

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