Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again!!

Well, I missed out on posting last week. I suppose I should start a series about Sure Ways to Not Follow Through on Commitments an Resolutions as a counter-point to Mark's Walking on Water post. I found that a great tool to this end is telling yourself every day that you ARE going to find time to do it later today or tomorrow instead of just doing it. I have been telling myself this several times a day for a week now and here I am on the following Tuesday and last week's blog opportunity has vanished in the wind. Oh well, here goes this week's missive for all to read.
As you can see by the graph, I appear to be much more tightly in control than two weeks ago. While I know from what I've eaten over the past week that I am toeing the line much more, I think my "improved" performance is largely attributable to my getting better educated as to when to measure my blood sugar. I now take almost all of my readings before I eat and not sooner than two hours after I eat rather than shortly after I eat. Doing so supposedly better represents the rise in my BGL (Blood Glucose Level for those just joining us) due to what I ate. So I no longer am showing the elevated numbers I had been recording by taking my BGL fifteen, thirty or sixty minutes after a meal--a time where my body was dealing with the short-term onrush of sugars from my food.

Now to give credit where it's due (to ME!!), I have also more conscientiously managed my choices of how much and what kind of foods I eat so that I am not asking my body to process more than 45 grams of carbs per meal/snack. At the advice of my nutritionist, I am snacking between meals (30 gms carb max) so that my BGL stays at a more consistent level throughout the day. Apparently letting myself go for five hours without eating sends a message to my liver that saying that I might be starving, so it kicks into high gear producing sugar for my body to use. Thanks for the good intentions, liver, but you know what they say about he road to hell and all.

As a result of my efforts and my improved technique this week's summary pie chart shows that my in-compliance readings have gone up form 80 to 89.5 percent! I have not done detailed analysis on the remaining 10.5% but I suspect that that would be a good place to focus next.

Mark's blog Walking on Water made a good point about facilitating success by smoothing the way ahead to make follow through as easy as possible. I want to share a bit of that sort of thing that I am doing this week.

My son's school has Mid-Winter vacation this week. So we have travelled to Aspen, Colorado to visit my Dad and immerse the kids in skiing and tennis lessons. Every day we have lunch at the restaurant at my Dad's tennis club before my daughter's lessons start. The folks there have been very accommodating in that the chef will take the little portable scale I carry around with me and write down and weigh each of the ingredients in my lunch for me so I can input them into the nutritional tracking program that I told you about in "Tools of the Trade".

As there is not much on the menu I would eat right now due to the somewhat restrictive parameters of my current diet I wind up ordering the same thing every day, grilled salmon salad. So, to help the kitchen help me I went ahead and printed up my order on their own order ticket so the chef only has to write down the amount of each ingredient he put in the bowl that day.

Kooky? Obsessive? I say, "Rip roaring fun!" And doing what I'm doing with an oddball sense of flair is a huge help to me in seeing this thing through. Besides, it also guarantees that I'll be remembered here.

I suppose that makes me somewhat of a publicity whore, but if it also makes me skinny and non-diabetic I'm totally up for it! I could go on, but I am thrilled that I actually managed to get back on the blogging horse and ride and it's time to go pick up my son from skiing lessons. So, until next time dear reader(s?), be good to yourself and to anyone else you can manage to.

Love Always.


  1. Bravo, Kaufman Rides Again!

    Mark, going from 80% to 89.5% compliance is amazing. Well done! And just imagine the nutritionist having to tell you to eat more frequently. How cool is that.

    Love the kitchen staff (as if you needed to do something more to be remembered).


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  3. I soo understand the 'i'll do it later', Mark. That's exactly what happened to my last week's post. Glad you just grabbed the computer and did it instead of discussing it with yourself!


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