Sunday, February 6, 2011


“Do you see my bra flying around” I asked Mark while getting dressed after an unplanned fun sexual encounter in the morning.

He looked at me with a surprised expression and laughs “flying around”? After a moment I say, “Ok, that was a direct translation from Dutch”. I continued my search while thinking about how I sometimes directly translate Dutch expressions into my English communications.

I realized that in Dutch we have two expressions we use a lot. The first one is “rond vliegend (flying around)” and the second is “rondslingerend (slinging around). The last expression can be used anytime you find something that doesn’t belong in that particular spot. For example: a winter coat hanging on the chair instead of on the coat stand. Or a teacup left behind on the side table.

flying bra Pictures, Images and PhotosWe can say a bra is flying around when in the middle of a heated moment you throw the bra to an unknown destination. We would say the bra is slinging around if the bra does not get picked up after that encounter.

Excitedly I told Mark about this realization, and he commented “So, you have two words in Dutch for that what you are so good at.”

While writing this, I start wondering if “rondslingeren” is a cultural habit, and if that’s the reason why we have two words for this phenomenon. But let’s not distract from where I wanted to go with this story...

In this time of intercultural world, where many cultures and languages meet and mix, there are lots of possibilities for misunderstanding and confusion. Do you have examples where you asked questions to clarify what was meant? Or are you the guy, who thinks that he just had sex with a woman that truly believes bras fly around?

Have a fantastic Sunday ☺

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  1. This article reminds me of one of my confusions in Italy: I was hungry and craving for crèpes (very thin pancake originate from France). So I entered a restaurant and asked the waiter: do you sell crèpe? My boyfriend was laughing his ass off when I finally realised that it sounds as if I was asking the waiter: do you sell crap? :D


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