Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everything I know is STILL wrong

Greetings! Back again for another episode of "As The Stomach Turns". Well, let's start off by reviewing this past week's numbers and adding a couple of my favorite tools that I forgot to mention last week.

First, The Numbers.
I seem to be in tighter control of my blood sugar this past week, sporting a standard deviation in my pre-meal readings of 25 versus the previous week's 41. Good Job!! While I have a tad more variability in my after meal readings (18 vs. 16 previously), I just learned yesterday from my new nutritionist that my idea of measuring my BGL in 15 minute intervals after I eat and expecting it to stay in a range of target +/-20 is just nutters!

Even non-diabetics can't do that. Apparently if I want to satisfy myself that my BGL is in good control I should be tracking my numbers 2 hours after I eat to give my body a chance to metabolize what I put in there. And as long as I get an after food number of 140 or less I'm in great shape.

So, although I am at or below target 76% of the time this week vs. 85% of the time last time around, that could be due to a disproportionate number of high after meal readings that I took too early. It seems that an electron microscope makes a rather mediocre hammer or, less whimsically stated, it's great to have tools for close observation of what you're doing, but you better know how to intelligently use them. The good news is that I have apparently graduated form uncontrolled to controlled diabetes. Bring out the champagne - but pardon me if I don't partake!

Tasty Tools to Tell To You
OK, now before I plunge ahead, I want to add a couple of tools I forgot to mention last week. These are foods that I have recently become enamored of and I thought some of you out there or your loved ones might be interested. While I was just trying to lose weight (note the use of the word trying) I discovered Shirataki noodles. These are noodles that for all the world look, taste and feel like pasta but are made up of tofu and some kinds of Japanese yam.

Bottom line is, they have 3 grams of carbohydrates and only 20 calories per pkg. (4 oz.). Good by sense of deprivation, hello fettucini con frutti di mare!!

While this is caloric good news for dieters this is salvation itself for diabetics due to the low carb content (or, as my twin sister would say, it's pretty much a tax-free food). They come in three varieties - Angel Hair, Spaghetti and my personal favorite, fettuccine. Many "I'm Cool and Healthy" stores carry them, or you can go to the company's website -

Another real find was something I think I heard about on the radio by chance. There's a bakery in California that makes bread so high in fiber it has only 1 net carb, so again you can eat bread without the tax. The company is Julian Bakery ( and they send it to you by mail fresh baked to order. Now I can eat toast for breakfast without paying the piper. Hello veggie bologna sandwich!!

Know I Know More, But It's All Still Wrong
So, since I came up with the ideas for last week's blog and added these last two in there, I have met with a new nutritionist and had a two hour phone session with my new holistic medicine man, dubbed "The Witch Doctor" by my ever inventive sister.

I have just taken in truckloads of new information, some of which has clarified some things for me, much of which conflicts with what I have already learned and most of which differs from practitioner to practitioner. OK, having been the dad of a child on the spectrum this is by no means a new experience, I'm just grateful that what's at stake is my life, not his, so I don't have to get past the jaw clenching fear that christened that maiden voyage. Now I'm going to try all sorts of stuff, see what works and what doesn't and what simply appeals to me until I can cobble together enough pieces of all these people's worlds to build a world of my own. It'll be interesting to see what I come up with, but right now I'm still sifting and sorting. So more on that next time.

Until then, my dear companions on this journey, thank you for your care, your compassion, you company and your comments.

Love Always

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  1. Nice Mark!

    Love the tips and, although you've shown me the packages of food before, it's great to have the URLs right there in front of me.

    Thank you!

    Maybe Iris can add a reference page to the blog with listings, descriptions and contact information for everything that you mention along the way. We could call it Kaufman's Korner. It'd be fun to have even the stuff that you later discard or displace.

    Relay my thanks to Andy for helping you prep for your diabetes challenge.

    Can't wait to see your stats measured at a time where your sugar levels have quiesced.



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