Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week Three, Look at Me!!!

Well, as you can see, I'm still here. As you can see from last week's chart, I am doing pretty well. I'm managing to stay within my target values about 80% of the time. I can't say I really have a sophisticated grip on how my eating affects my blood sugar, but as I am compensating for that by being way conservative in my food choices it's doing wonders for my diet. As of this morning I am down to 344 lbs., almost. 20 lbs. Lost since I started this adventure.

The Diabetes Nazi and Other Helpful Souls

This week I went to see the Diabetes Nazi, Dr. Richard Mahler, in NYC. He is an endocrinologist/dieabetologist. I am really glad I thought to ask for more referrals. I was not put off by his style at all. He is no nonsense, very bright and has a quality that I just love -- he gets what I'm talking about right away and gives me actual answers to my questions, not just general attempts to answer what most people would be asking in my situation. As a for instance - I asked him what's up with the accuracy of my glucometer. I can stick myself and measure my BGL 4 times in a row and get results that vary by more than 20 points. This is somewhat daunting when you're measuring a process to control it within plus or minus 20 points. He not only confirmed for me that that's pretty common, he told me that I should just get over it because that's as good as it gets. Prior to the advent of glucometers, the only way you could tell if your instantaneous blood sugar was high was if you has glucose in your urine. That occurs when your BGL is over 200 mg/dl.. Below that there was no visibility at all and above that you didn't know if you were at 200 or 2000. He went on to explain that the more accurate tracking tool is Hemoglobin A1C, which is expressed as a percent and is 6 or less in a non-diabetic person. This test represents a measure of your average BGL over the past 3 months. He went on to tell me that when he does the test in his office ( it takes about 5 minutes) he has an accuracy of +- 0.1%. I tested out at a 6.2, the lowest I have been in over a year ( I don't have data earlier than that).

Help Me Mr. Wizard!!

I also asked if there exists such a thing as a Diabetes Educator that can work with me to up the level of my game. He clues me in to an RN/Nutritionist that he works with whom he likes. He said he wouldn't send just anyone to her because his patients tend to complain that she's too demanding and makes them work too hard, but seeing as how I walked into his office with charts of my BGL and copies of old blood analyses I would get along with her just fine. I' m looking for someone to work with that's into the details at a level that equally or more obsessive than mine. So now there's Claudia, my diabetes personal trainer, and we meet on February 8th to get started. More on her in my blog of February 15th!

I Told The Witch Doctor......

I also had my initial phone intake visit with my new holistic physician, Richard Dominique, the Witch Doctor. He spent about an hour and a half probing me on every aspect of my life. We talked about my medical history, eating preferences, sexual habits, sleep habits and a variety of other areas. He told me of a patient of his whose BGL was unresponsive to medications and out of control. After 4 months of working with him her blood sugar is consistently under 90. I was pleased with the level of detail Dominique went to and his insistence that he will treat me by treating ALL of me. I then went for an exhaustive battery of blood tests which he is reviewing and we will be getting together over the phone soon for him to give me the results and outline a treatment program for me.

All in all I am feeling in much better hands and like a concrete program will gel soon.

Meet me here next week when I intend to talk about "Tools of the Trade", the various special foods, tracking tools and devices I am using to run my program.

Thanks again everyone for coming along for the ride. Somehow it helps to walk with the crowd. And listen, i know i am pretty heavy on facts and light on sharing my thoughts and feelings about this experience (you know, the good stuff), but I know it too and will do more on that in blogs to come.

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  1. Week 3 and going strong. Good for you. You are inspiring me to step up my game. This week I did 11 out of the 14 airflow measurements. Thank you for the inspiration. P.S. you looked great when I saw you yesterday...

    Love iris


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