Friday, January 28, 2011

Pardon Me

It's 8:20 (PST) and we're sitting at Gate C22 in McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, near the counter. After a brief debate as to who would bring the bad news, one of the airline staff members just announced that our plane has "issues" and won't be flying to Hartford today. However, they should be getting us another soon...

Iris and I continue chatting and the man sitting next to us announces to no one in particular, "No one should be so happy!"

I turn to him and ask, "What do mean?"

He kind of grunts and says, "What happened, did'ya win big or something."

I say, "Nope. Didn't even gamble. We just finished playing a gig at the Four Seasons and are heading home to the snow."

He looks to his wife as if to garner some support for his assertion as to the ridiculous nature of our energy and enthusiasm, but instead, she leans over and says, "He complains about everything! Never happy with anything."

The SouthWest Airlines staff member announces, "Looks like our replacement plane will be on the ground in about ten to twenty minutes. We'll keep you posted."

He grunts.

I get up and walk over to the far wall where I've spotted an open electrical outlet just below one of the illuminated signs tolling the opportunities that await new arrivals to Las Vegas.

I tend to approach new challenges and opportunities with a significant degree of enthusiasm and energy. For some, that would be a significant understatement; for them, I approach new challenges and opportunities with a completely unreasonable and unrealistic sense of enthusiasm and energy.

However, as I consider my fellow would-be traveler this morning, I think, "Beats the alternatives. Why not be unreasonably and unrealistically enthusiastic and positive?"

As I sit here, legs folded under my laptop, my back against the cement wall, it occurs to me that the reasons might be as follows.

1) It's Fake!
I think that a lot of people assume that people who appear to be positive and happy are somehow faking it. That it's all a show. People who are being "real" aren't happy all the time! People who appear to be must have some ulterior motive!

2) You're A Flake
The second reason that occurs to me is the belief that people who are overly enthusiastic and energetic are simply out of touch with reality. They don't understand the gravity of things, of the economy, of the environment, of the plight of this or that. People who are in touch with the way things "really" are, can't be happy all the time. Shit, they can't really afford to be happy much at all.

3) It's a Set-Up
Of course there's the old don't get your hopes up reason. You know, you don't want to count your chicks before they've hatched. What will you do if it doesn't work out like you planned?

4) You'll Burn Out
And of course there's the if you use all your energy right now, you'll burn out.

We're Boarding
Hey, Our plane here and we're boarding.

Got to go!

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  1. I like being the fake, flake. I have experienced similiar beliefs when I speak hapily about our house fire. Although, I don't fully understand why people find it hard to believe you could be happy about buying all new things! SMILE


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