Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspired Author

Hi Iris!

Funny you should write this, I was going to write you tonight to tell you that I want to start writing again. I have been inspired by the last few blogs from both you and Mark talking about taking on new challenges and learning to love them. I am going to declare myself as diabetic and blog about my journey to become a successful diabetic and love the lifestyle. Among other details of this challenge, I will post my blood sugar trend chart to share with the community how I am faring - well or poorly. At first I thought - this isn't interesting to anyone but me, why would people want to read about one old fat guy's fight to stay healthy. But I realized that you writing about running, Faith writing about home schooling, Mark writing about business, Joy writing about ADHD - everyone is writing about what what sits on the front burner for them at the time and who am I to assume that what's important to my life is simply boring to others.

As to schedule - I am going out on a limb there too and want to commit to one blog per week. Although I see that you have wednesdays open, I would rather do Tuesdays if I can since monday night is an easy night for me. I am also fine with once a month if you need the room for others, just let me know. Also, I absolutely want to volunteer for editing blogs. As it is, I read about 80% or more of the blogs published and I enjoy the editing job immensely. Actually, I tend to notice every mistake as I am reading anyway and can't help but make a silent correction in my mind as I go along. it would be so much more satisfying to actually MAKE the corrections.

Here's to a productive and joyous year ahead for all of us. I can't tell you how much your friendship means to me and how it touches me to know what it means to you.

All my love always,

Mark K.

This morning I found this letter from my good friend Mark K in my email box. It was an response to the letter I sent to all authors of this blog. I read it to Teflon (my Mark) and we got so excited that we were jumping around the sink while cheering on Mark because of the door he opened for himself.

You have to know that Mark K. is a big guy with lots of pounds to carry. When he found out that he had become a borderline diabetic and changed his diet, he saw for the first time in years a very significant weight loss. When he came by this Christmas he looked healthier than I had seen him in a while. He is still a very big guy, but he looked and moved now like a healthy big guy.

I love how Mark brings up in his email "but would this be interesting to anything else but myself?". It is a question that has been coming up for me too, and when Teflon talked about it in our writers group (after he read a piece that he thought would only be interesting to himself) our "inspirational leader" Jenny gave us a great insight. She said that when we write what we are passionate about, it will be interesting to read.

Passion makes anything interesting.

Mark, I am so happy that you will start sharing your adventures as a diabetic with us. Many people are diabetic or have the change to become diabetic. So, I hope you will help us to understand better what a diabetic lives and deals with the diabetes. How do you become diabetic? What does it mean to be diabetic? How do you deal with it once you know it? How do you deal with festivities outside of the house where it might not be as easy to find the foods that are good for you. What happens is your sugar is very high, or very low? How did you respond when you got to hear the diagnoses? What did you think and do? What did you learn over the months? What is it that you are shooting for? And especially, what was going on in your head during all these different moments?

With excitement I wait for your first submission! I love you...

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  1. since Shrek (Aka Mark K - he is just as big as his heart) is willing to edit, I'll start put up drafts again.

    It will be good for me: my last few months has been a deep anti-ego process and mind find it difficult to catch up with all the changes, so putting it into words might be usefull.

    I just love all of you guys - hope to see you in Europe 2011


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