Saturday, January 1, 2011

Do what you love, love what you do!

Welcome 2011!

Welcome readers, this first day of the New Year! Did you start the New Year with doing what you love and loving what you do?

What did you do at midnight? Did you pull your loved ones in your arms and gave them hugs and kisses? Did you make photos of everyone celebrating? Were you celebrating? By yourself? With others? Why did you celebrate the way you did?

The last year of the old year, was for us filled with things we love. We started the day with hanging out with some good friends. Mark and Lindsay are recording Lindsay’s first album with originals and then did some awesome work together. I went to see my almost six-year-old friend to play with him for two hours in his playroom full with new Christmas gifts. His favorite thing to do this week is making surprised faces. It is truly the most endearing thing ever! He also is trying to impress me with creating gorgeous sentences like: I want to sing In Dublin Fair City! We have been practicing verbs, because he likes to skip them a lot, but this week he started to put them in the sentences without any help or prompt and it seems that at the same time he is mastering past tense. Yeah! What a great way to start the New Year!

When I got back home, we packed up our music stuff, I put some nice clothes on, and we went out to see friends for a band rehearsal, dinner and then playing with the band at our friend’s New Year’s party. There was lots of laughter, we created some awesome music with beautiful harmonies, we hang out with wonderful people and we counted down the last seventeen seconds of the old year under the guidance of Cain, the wonderful son of one of the friends. Twenty excited voices counted nine – eight – seven -; all looking forward to the New Year, all happy to be together among friends. We broke into a big “Happy New Year, when we hit zero and every one laughed and kissed and hugged, and this all followed by another hour of WillPower music.

We did what we loved and loved what we did!

And this morning after a nice sleep, I woke up to continue this mantra by writing you...

Maybe you have made some New Years resolutions or maybe you have to think about them. Let me tell you some of the things I will focus on in 2011.

  • I will continue my running event, and will participate in the New York half-marathon in March. I love to run, and really want to continue to keep this a regular thing in my life.
  • I want to become a very good trumpet player this year. I got a trumpet a couple of weeks ago and can now produce a scale and play some easy songs. But I imagine myself being able to play by ear and improvise on any scale that get’s thrown to me. You can see that I write “very good”. And while I wonder why I said that instead of sublime or amazing, I am realizing that those goals are so far away, that I cannot picture anything with it. So, I start with very good, and then somewhere along the way I am going to change my wants to sublime!
  • I will continue writing, and you will surely start noticing a change in my articles the way you might already have noticed a change in Mark’s articles. We are in this wonderful writers circle and we are writing all kinds of wonderful short stories about all kinds of things. I have written all kinds of stuff in 2010 that I didn’t share with you. I believed that those writings were not interesting to you! Because of that, I wrote less and less on the blog over the last months. I am changing this today and will start sharing more of what comes out of my creative brain!
  • I will continue developing myself as a singer and I am really looking forward expanding the things we do with our bands. We just started to play some gigs and we are looking forward to continue and expand these events.
  • I want to take Mark for a Europe trip over the summer in which we will visit our friends in Denmark and family in Finland. This is something we have talked about for a couple of years and which we have not been able to create yet. I must say that at this point I am not sure how we are going to make this happen, but it is surely is on my mind...

Many more things on my mind, but I am going to leave you here, so you can start making your list of things you want to do because you love them, and then love the process of doing them in 2011...

Big hugs...

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