Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drawings for Iris

Thanks, Iris!  I'm not sure I would have thought of sharing drawings if you hadn't invited it. Then, when I read your invitation, I immediately back-pedaled... The drawings aren't that good...and not very creative, and just copies of other drawings, or step by step classes I did with the kids,...I heard myself judging the drawings as 'not good enough'. Interestingly, I also heard a comment Simonne made a few weeks ago: "Mommy, I don't like when people keep telling me my drawings are so good, better than theirs.  It's as if they think their drawings aren't good, but they are!  Even scribbles look pretty."

So I'm sharing a couple of my drawings.  I like them a lot.  I'm learning from the artists in my home.  The 'rodent family' has drawings by Faith, Simonne and Zachary.

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  1. Faith, I am so happy you shared your wonderful pictures with us. The first one reminds me of the way a friend of mine in the Netherlands draws. She would make a drawing like that and then fill it with watercolors. She framed the pictures and would hang them in her house. She was amazed about how much compliments she got for her work. But I belief that most people do like you described above: the create something and then judge it so they never share it. We miss out on the wonderful learn process we all go through and how much fun it is to create art and other new things.

    So, I hope you will continue your drawing adventure and keep us up to date. I promise to do the same with my new adventure: I am going to learn to play trumpet!



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