Friday, November 26, 2010

What Will You Inspire Today?

What will you inspire today in others?

Will you inspire courage or will you inspire fear?

Will you inspire confidence or will you inspire doubt?

Will you inspire passion or apathy?

Will you inspire energy or fatigue?

...freedom or restraint?

...creativity or repetition?

...heroics or cowardice?

...happiness or unhappiness?

...can or can't?

...strength or weakness?

...thought or recollection?

There's nothing you can do to avoid it. You could sequester yourself in a monastery high atop a Tibetan mountain and your very absence would inspire someone to something.Today you will inspire others. To what will you inspire them?

How will you inspire others? Standing in line at the checkout, waiting for the gas station attendant, walking into the coffee shop, who will people see? Someone enthusiastic and excited about his day? Someone agitated and rushed? Someone distracted and miles away? Someone focused and present?

When someone tentatively brings you her new idea, how will you respond? Will you listen attentively or distractedly? Will you advise and direct or will you ask questions that facilitate insight and discovery? Will your guidance be cautionary or impetuous?

Who will people see at work? Someone inspired and engaged or someone watching the clock? Someone who cares and takes the time required to do well or someone who settles for good enough? Someone who takes challenges in stride or someone who is easily rattled?

Will you brilliant? Will you be dull? Will you be the font of energy? Will you be the drain? Will you be a gift? Will you be a debt? Will you bring peace? Will you bring strife? Will you be salve or salt?

There's nothing you can do to avoid it. Today you will inspire! You can do so intentionally or passively? Though now that the question has been raised, even to inspire passively would be intentional.

What are your intentions?

Happy Black Friday!

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