Saturday, November 13, 2010

Race Day

"Ba-da-ba-da... Ba-da-ba-da..."

What was that? I open my eyes and turn toward the light leaking from under the cover of my iPad. Oh, yeah, time to get up.

"Brrrrring... brrrring... brrrrring...", My Droid cries out as if to say, "Wait for me!"

Ten seconds later... "Brrrrr... brrrrr... brrrr...", Iris' phone, the last of our failsafe system chimes in.

It's time to get get up. It's race day!

The other night, before our 6AM flight out of Hartford, Iris woke up every hour, not certain that her phone's alarm would go off, not knowing that we'd hear it, checking just in case. So last night I suggested setting three alarms, my iPad, my phone and her phone. She slept through.

It's 5AM, not a trace of sun on the eastern horizon, the stars still filling the sky. A cool Caribbean breeze sweeps through the sliding glass door and Iris returns from the balcony voicing her relief that the morning promises not to be too hot.

The race starts in just ninety minutes. Before then Iris will run a quick inventory of cloths and equipment. She'll fill her two small water bottles with Orange Gatorade, consume two 16-ounce cups of Fruit Punch Gatorade, a banana and cliff bar. She'll pull on her running shorts, tanktop and headband and don her pink Nike running shoes. Finally, she'll clip on her race bib, number 736. She comments, "When you have a race, It's nice to get up before you wake up. That way you're not bouncing around waiting. Instead, you're just trying to wake up."

A few minutes pass and Iris has clearly awakened. She paces from the bedroom through the living room to sliding glass door, peering out to see if anything has changed from twenty seconds ago. She peers into the mirror inspecting her attitude. She leafs through the guest book of the condo we've rented for the four days here in Key Largo. The only sounds are my fingers flowing across the keyboard of my Mac Book, Iris' occasional sighs and deep breaths, the turning of pages and the clock ticking.

It's race day.

At 5:45, Iris' dad Cees and his girlfriend Ina emerge from their bedroom to wish her luck. We head out the door.

More to come...

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