Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Musical Thank You

Today I want to share with you one fabulous, amazing gift my husband gave me. I am so grateful that he believes me, supports me and helps me grow in the most unexpected ways. Mark was so fabulous to record the song I wrote a couple of years ago and he created a demo version that is absolutely stunning. My husband has many talents, and music is clearly one of them!

Listen to the beautiful sax arrangements you will hear behind my voice and let yourself drift away with the sounds of this beautiful song.

Follow this link to the song: Waiting For The Sun

Mark, thank you for creating this master piece. Your musical arrangements are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and you made this song come alive in a most incredible way. You are a true inspiration for me, and your love for me makes anything I set my mind on possible. Thank You. I love you. Let's make some more fabulous music together...

I also want to express gratitude to my friend Will Osborne. Will,  you show me where singing is about: soul and passion. Your big heart jumps from the stage when you are performing, and I realized that there is more to singing than just having the right notes. Thank you for believing in me and helping me climb out of my shell.

Here I am going to leave you my dear readers. Thanks for taking time to surf to Belief Makers today. Take good care and remember that expressing gratitude is a quick way of sharing your feeling good and your happiness. You can influence the happiness around you by expressing yourself.

Have a grateful day!

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