Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last Night of Her Life

It was the the last night of her life which, fortunately for me, makes it easier to write about than were it to be, for example, the last night of my life. It's easier for several reasons, the foremost being that, not knowing that it was the last night of her life, she hadn't considered the evening to be significant or noteworthy, and not being significant nor noteworthy, she hadn't set pen to paper.

Of course noteworthy is often only recognized in the rear view mirror. So rarely do we notice noteworthy in the moment. In fact, statistically, the odds of knowing that something is noteworthy as it is happening is near zero. Further, knowing that what is about to happen will be noteworthy almost guarantees that someone, somewhere will do something so stupid as to make it not noteworthy, or worse, like Bill Beal being so concerned about the the shine of his Sousaphone that he forgot to put on his pants before marching onto the football field, displace the noteworthiness of the event with something even more, umm, dazzling?

But it was indeed the last night of her life, not in that romantic end of the world as we know it sense, but instead in the end of the world (period) sense. An insignificant evening that wouldn't deign to feign noteworthiness save for its having hosted her life's ending.

And therein lies the rub. Why is it that we so often see nothing noteworthy in the ongoingness of things, but instead, in their endings. If the ending of something is so significant as to make it "noteworthy", then why would not the middle of something, or the 20th of something, or the randomly selected instance of something? What is it about the last of something (or the first), that draws our attention, that somehow makes it significant… meaningful… noteworthy?

Are we such cretins that we can't see the sham of it. The births, the funerals... the weddings, the divorces... the launches, the bankruptcies... the purchases, the sales... the significant events that mean nothing, that occupy less than zero-point-zero-one-percent of our lives, the times we make noteworthy.

What if tonight were "the last night of"? So what? Why would it go from what it was to something else? Well, it wouldn't! It'd be only in your mind that it was different!

But I see that you resist, you squirm. Surely, its being the last night of her life would make it significant!? Surely we can't dismiss it as being fundamentally the same as any other night?

Well wake up stupid! It is no different.

If you want to make the last night of her life significant, if you want to make the last night of your life significant, then you better well make tonight significant!

Or for that matter, today, Friday, November 19, 2010.

Happy Friday,

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  1. "Of course noteworthy is often only recognized in the rear view mirror."

    Starting just recently, Tef, I've begun toying with the idea of considering every moment in time as both a result of what came before it and a cause of what comes after it. Well, strike that - not the moment itself, but what I do in the moment being a result of what happened before, and a cause of what happens later. I was going to say "the result" and "the cause", but "a" fits better.

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and also the last day of your life so far...


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