Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jus Fly!

"Please!" (this was not a request, though is was trying to sound like one) "Stop what you are doing and go to bed!"  I looked around with irritation at the pajama clad children busily scribbling and drawing.  It was 11:30 pm!  Enough with the drawing! I thought.  A part of my head pleaded for attention. "You're complaining about writing and drawing??"  "Just a few more words, Mommy", Simonne said.  I sighed.
Eventually, everyone was upstairs and Simonne handed me the paper she was writing on to read.  Honestly, I looked at it in shock.  She was writing a poem.  It wasn't something I asked her for, not something I had even discussed very much.  Earlier that day I had handed her a book of poems and the accompanying CD. Maybe that..?  I wondered if she had copied it, but I saw her while she was writing... no copying.  Then my little voice..."Complaining about poetry.  Brilliant poetry at that."
Maybe they are like their mother, these busts of creativity many hours after sunset...though I have never written a poem.  So I'm introducing you to my daughter, Simonne-Anais, age 9, the writer.  One day I will tell you the story of how much she wasn't writing and how things come in their time and how much more useful patience is than impatience.  But for today, enjoy her writing, and relax.  Let go.  See where your mind takes you.

Jus’ Fly!
Don’t sit in bed, wishing to Fly,
Don’t make yourself unhappy, or sit on a couch and cry,
Jus’ Fly! Jus’ Soar! Jus’ GLIDE through the air!
Your IMAGIATION can take you ANYWHERE!!
Over the TREE TOPS, Over the SKY SKRAPERS!
Over the AIRPLAINES who hold MAP MAKERS!!
You Fly over everything!!
Your WINGS never get sore!
You’ll be FREE and FREE FOREVER more!
And when the time comes to come down again,
You’ll come down to earth and land soft as a pillow.
You can smell a new growing pussy-willow.
You go back to the same place that you started.
You and your Imagination will NEVER BE PARTED!!
Because you were made that way.
Whether you’re big or small,
Short or tall,
With your Imagination you can do anything at all.

And remember:


  1. My goodness, Faith. You have a budding Dr Seuss here!

  2. Simonne-Anais, please continue writing wonderful poems late at night, even when your mom wants you to go to bed...

    Inspiration and imagination are things to let flow, and you did a wonderful job putting these flowing words on paper and then let me fly on your imagination.

    Faith, thanks for sharing. Cannot wait until the next time...

  3. Simonne, you made my day! Thank you!

    Faith, you are in good hands.

  4. Celebration
    Obviously your perspectives are being picked up, utilized, and shared...
    Freedom indeed. BW

  5. Glad you like my Poem. But I do not know if my mom will let me to stay up writing Poems at night!
    I think I will do it in the daytime!
    I think I am going to write a Poem about playing outside next, or maybe about Dogs.



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