Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Back on Track

This morning at 2am Mark drove the car onto our driveway and this meant we arrived back home from our wonderful trip to the Florida Keys. A 10-day trip that included my first half-marathon, my fathers visit from the Netherlands, sightseeing the Keys and just being out and about, enjoying the eighty-degrees weather.

Gotten back to a 40-degrees home, I dove into bed with all my warm travel clothes still on my body and continued the sleep I started in the car. I dreamt about running. Not that weird if you know that I created a new training schedule over the last two days for hopefully my first half marathon in New York City in March 2011.

Now back home, it is all about getting "back on track". What has to be done around the house? Wood piling, dusting, vacuuming, and grocery shopping. What has to be done for work? Contacting clients, finances and creating new goals. What has to be done related to our music? Preparing a No Room for Jello performance in December and a WillPower performance in January. What has to be done for the blog? Articles to be written, authors contacted and 2011 plans to be developed.

I can continue with my list of to do’s for a while. The holiday didn’t change the to-do’s I already had on my list before my holiday. I even added more to-do’s than I would have had otherwise, but I must tell you that I have a different experience with my list then before my holidays.

Today, I cleaned the fridge and freezer, piled wood, fixed the coffee maker, clean up stuff, went with Mark todo some shopping, and everything was fun and easy. Even though I have many more things to do then I have done today, I have been truly celebrating my achievements during the day. I was piling wood with a smile on my face.It was beautiful weather, I was working my body and it also cleans really nicely. That’s what the holiday has given me: a renewed sense of celebration for life, my husband, and everything I am doing with my time.

What about you? Have you taken time today to celebrate your achievements? How have you done that? Do you feel you celebrate yourself enough? How do you make sure you take time to enjoy and celebrate your achievements?

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