Thursday, November 4, 2010

Freeze the Moment!

It's 9:44a.m. and I decided to rehearse my memories.  I thought about yesterday and the happenings of this morning so far.  Actually, since I hadn't gotten out of bed yet, there was nothing much to rehearse...or so I thought.  I decided to play a game of Freeze The Moment with myself.

It's similar to the game I play when Jaedon is unavailable and I'm really tuning in to him and his world.  I ask a few questions and pay attention to the answers:  What is he seeing?  What is he hearing?  What is he smelling?  Tasting?  Feeling?  Sensing?  I turn my perception and intuition way up, I get quiet on my insides and I just take everything in.

That's what  I did this morning, except I did it for me.  Here is what  I noticed:

  • The bed, blanket and comforter were very comfortable and I wanted to stay for a few more hours.  The temperature was perfect and everything was quiet.
  • The window sill in my bedroom frames a perfect square with the edge of the curtain, so I could see a bit of the oak tree outside my window.  The leaves were a beautiful yellow-green and they filled the whole square, leaving little spaces for the sky to peek through.  It's a great picture to draw with pastel crayons (the kids will be doing an oil pastel class soon).  I was just too lazy to take a picture of it.  I'm  glad this photographer wasn't feeling lazy when he saw it!
  • Simonne and Zachary were downstairs making their own smoothie!  They ran up the stairs every few minutes to ask me what the ingredients were.  I could hear them downstairs moving around in the kitchen.
  • Jaedon was standing beside me trying to get me out of bed.  "Come!" he commanded.  When that didn't work, "Get up!", "Soon", I said.  "Soon", he repeated, in a voice that said "Soon is NOW"
What would I change in this moment?  Nothing...well, almost nothing...Isaiah is missing.  If I had the $250M I generously gave away as part of the homework, I would buy an additional 40 hours of time for him each week.  Maybe some of that would be spent at home. 

Much of my goal setting is around the things I want to change about my life.  Yet, as I played freeze with myself, I realized that although there are so many things that I want in the future, if I freeze this moment and relect on it, it's perfect.  I felt complete gratitude for everything, even for Isaiah not being home, because it was a reflection of his committment to our family, creating space for us to continue living the way we live. Being present is truly the path to gratitude for me, which is my shortcut to pure contentment.

"May your thoughts be joyful ones and your belly filled with gratitude" - Faith C.


  1. Faith,

    What I'm taking away from your post is that the difference between happiness and unhappiness is simply a matter of perspective: the warmth of someone so excited to see you that he's dragging you from bed or the frustration in not being allowed to sleep. The freedom of two young children beginning to prepare meals for themselves or the fear of what they might do to the kitchen.


  2. One other thing I'm taking away is that the the wave of positive energy we get from being grateful for what we have can then be put to good use going for what we want (that we don't have now).

  3. Sree,

    I really like where your thought takes me. So often I think about the ability to choose happiness as instantaneous decision or something practiced in real time.

    Your image of a wave takes me to notions of momentum and potential energy as I ask myself, "Why not build up a reserve of happiness? A happiness battery? Or, why not build up a huge wave of happiness momentum that sweeps through the day?"


  4. Well, Tef, I've been banking happiness quite regularly for a while now. I wonder how that jives with the instantaneous nature of life and choices in the moment. I suppose memory must have something to do with it - if my happiness bank account is larger, it's a different me making the choices...

  5. What is gratitude about?
    For me it seems simply a resultant emotional experience. It seems to come from a choice. A choice to see. A choice to see value. A choice to appreciate what one has, vs the other option.

    When we learn choose to appreciate, that we are free to choose....ahhhhh what could we lable that as? bw


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