Sunday, November 14, 2010

Falling of the clouds

My ultimate test that we are able to learn to enjoy and implement new skills after becoming a grown up and ended at on November 13, 2010 at 8:57:47am.

After been a “I cannot, I want not, I hate it and I will not-run” person for 37 years, I decided to learn to enjoy the process running and do a marathon in November 2010. With pleasure and excitement I ran yesterday my fist half marathon ever and it proofs to me that I can change radically and make changes in my life that are long-term, and fun. It improves my health and metal wellbeing and makes me grow into a more lovably interesting caring human.

OneAfter walking on clouds all day I roughly fell off at night. Now I am utterly confused.

How long have you walked on clouds before? Did you fell off? How fast? Can we walk on clouds and stay there forever and slowly be elevated towards heaven, or do you believe we are meant to fall off easily because it keeps us eager and willing to go for that feeling again?

I feel I have been here before. I seem to recognize the pattern. Did I land in one of the patterns so beautifully described in the book “One” by Richard Bach?

Hmmm... Which choices to make today?

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