Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take a break Tuesday

I write this after midnight on Monday. Today I came home from a three day Autism conference in St. Louis. This morning I got up at five in the morning got to the airport with the hotel shuttle to find out there that my suitcase disappeared. I went back to the hotel, but the suitcase was gone. After my first shock and surprise (there was not a lot of time for someone to take my bag out the van) I blessed myself for still having all the most important stuff in my handbag.

To make sure that I would not also miss my flight I jumped back on the shuttle and checked myself in, traveling a lot lighter and faster. I was quite bummed about loosing my stuff, but also very, very grateful to go home with all my personal stuff. No banks to call, no credit cards to cancel, no new computers to buy...

When I got home, I fell in a long deep sleep on the couch. It was an intense couple of days, which was preceded by an intense couple of months. At night when I spoke with my hubby and he expressed to be so very, very tired. While talking we agreed it has been a crazy time and it will still continue.

So, how to deal with that? I told Mark that I felt so much better after I had given over to my tiredness and slept even though it was the middle of the day. I recognized that when you running around and work all the time, you also need time to break. Taking a break can mean sleeping, having a nice dinner, reading a book, sitting in a bath, making music. It could be anything, as long as it takes the mind away from the things it is most occupied with.

Give the mind a break.

Mark get’s up almost every morning writing an article for this blog. Today, he will find that he can take a break and do something else instead. Mark, it is Take a Break Tuesday!

Dear readers,
How do you take a break? How often do you take a break? How do you know you need a break? Do you see other people who can use a break? How can you help them?

Enjoy your Take a Break Tuesday!


  1. Wow Iris! What a surprise to find your post here this morning. As I'm thinking about taking a break, I was realizing that for me writing is a break. However, it also does take time which I have little of this morning.

    Thank you!

  2. Taking a break could be doing the laundry, walking the dog or going to the gym. A great break is going by bike to work and feeling the cool autum wind at your skin and watching the colors on the trees and on the sky.


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