Sunday, October 31, 2010

The gift you are

The gift you are
like the very first breath of spring
The gift you are
all the joy that love can bring
The gift you are
all of our dreams come true
The gift you are
the gift of you

John Denver

Have you ever thought about yourself as a gift from the universe? I mean that the universe decided that you are totally perfect,  and that you are here today to share your perfectness with the world. Can you imagine yourself to be the biggest gift to the people around you?

In the last week, I had different opportunities to think about how I am a gift to the people around me. I also had opportunities to find new appreciation for qualities in me that seem to be a gift to the people around me.

During writing class, I shared a piece that I had written the week before and it made some of the talented writers in the room literally shed some tears or loose their voice for a moment. They told me that the way I wrote that story was a gift and that they wanted to see more of the voice I had put on the paper. I was amazed and it took me a bit to realize that this was not just said to please me, but that it was said because they believe in me.

My gift of sharing the piece, gave me the gift of support...

And while we were sharing our pieces with the others during the session, it became clear that we all were such gifts for each other, such an inspiration and such a joy. How often do we forget how unique and wonderful a people we are, and do we try to hide and disappear in the mud of commonalities?

Gifts inspire to create more gifts...

My friend Will invited me to do some harmonies with him in his band called WillPower. Will is the lead singer and guitar player of the band, Jeremy is the drummer, Mark is the bass player and Teflon is the keyboard/ piano and saxophone player. Yesterday evening, not two weeks later, we all ended up participating in a birthday bash, to celebrate the drummer’s 60th year on this planet. Four part harmonies were heard in a wonderful R&B style, and people seemed to appreciate the energy and enthusiasm we brought to the songs.

This all happened after Mark invited Will and Randy this summer to jam a little bit with our band No Room For Jello. The gift of jamming that Mark created, ended months later in the gift of me being invited to sing backup vocals in the band, which leaded to the gift to celebrate this wonderful birthday.

Realize you are a gift...

So, now I want to ask you: what was the last time you saw yourself as a gift? What do you believe your gift strengths are? What gifts do other people appreciate in you? Do they line up? Are they very different? What about embracing one unique quality of yourself today and make up the belief that it is a gift, and find supporting beliefs to help you grow this strength?

Thank you for being here as the receiver of this gift today...

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  1. Having just had the wonderful experience of performing side by side with you, Iris, I feel obliged to comment on the Gift You Are. Yep, your vocal contributions are a gift to the band and the audience, but your real gift to me as we performed together on Saturday was the Lift I got from your joyful, supportive, non-judgmental presence - and your celebration of the moment, your own talent, and your willingness to create something wonderful to share just because we could. Couple that with all the gifts flowing from Mark and Jeremy, onstage and off, and I feel anything is possible. You wanna talk about feeling blessed? Whew.


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