Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Room for Jello

Happy Sunday! On Friday night, our band, No Room for Jello, played at the Route 7 Grill in Great Barrington, MA. Our friend Wil video recorded a few of the songs. Since I often write about our band, I thought I'd share some of the video with you.

Our band consists of Peter Lindstrom on lead guitar and vocals, Butch Jemmott on rhythm guitar, Scott McKenny on bass and trumpet, Jay (The Velvet Frog) Gerald on drums, Michele Widd on rhythm guitar, Iris on vocals and djembe, and me on keyboard and sax.

Watch the Snow Fall

This song was written by Pete with the lyrics and melody written by Iris.

D-Minor Jam

This is an example of something that we made up in the moment.


Iris wrote this song inspired by Mile Davis' So What.

Wild Cat Woman

This song was written by Pete.

It's a Good Day

This song is another collaboration between Pete (chords) and Iris (melody and lyrics).

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