Saturday, August 28, 2010

Highly Creative Saturday

I've been thinking a lot lately about creativity: what it is, how we do it and what it means (if anything). There's part of me that believes that, if there were to be a reason for being, it'd be creativity. If we were created in the image of god, the essence of that image is creativity.

In short, (momentarily setting down my existential perspective or perhaps, exercising the freedom found within it) to be human is to be creative. It's who we are. It's why we are. And yet, we tend to associate true creativity with a small subset of humans. The creative ones. The inspired ones. The artists. The musicians, The geniuses. In essence, we limit humanity to a small subset of humans leaving the rest of us to look on from the bleachers.

However, it's fallacy to believe that there are creative people and uncreative people; there are just people. Some exercise creativity and others are creative couch potatoes and arm chair quarterbacks, critiques and voyeurs. So, it's time to get off the couch and exercise some creative muscle, time to manifest the deity in whose image we were designed, time to have some fun. In honor of god, humanity and children who haven't yet been contaminated by formal education, I've decided to declare today Highly Creative Saturday.

What is Highly Creative Saturday? It's the day where we celebrate the uniqueness of each of us that is made manifest through creative expression. I don't use unique lightly. You'll never catch me saying the unfortunate yet ubiquitously uttered "very unique", nor will you catch me talking about the foo-fooish unique and special nature of each and every child. However, I do believe that each of us embodies the potential for creative expression that is indeed unique. And I do believe that a life void of creative endeavor is a life unfulfilled. So, hey, time to fill up.

How to Celebrate Highly Creative Saturday
To celebrate Highly Creative Saturday all you need to do is do something creative. Although one aspect of celebrating is creating the activities, here are a couple of ideas:
  • Walk into the kitchen with your kids, throw open the cupboards and create a delicacy without recipes, without trips to the store, just running with whatever the cupboard contents inspire you to do.
  • Take a digital camera (it needn't be "high quality" or expensive) and capture some photos from the perspective of a dog or an ant.
  • Transform contents from your trash cans and recycle bins into works of art
  • Record a symphony improvised on household items like pots and pans
  • Write the life story of a rock you found in the backyard
Again, coming up with the activities themselves is part of your creative process.

Ground Rules
For those of you who panic at the thought of completely unbounded exercises, fear not! I have some rules for celebrating Highly Creative Saturday.
  1. Use what you have on hand. There's no need to purchase any special items or creativity tools.
  2. Don't use instructions, recipes, sheet music or any other guides that tell you what to do and how to do it. If you run into challenges, figure them out.
  3. Don't try to be creative. Don't worry about doing well or getting it right. Just enjoy yourself.
  4. Whatever you do, finish it. Don't spend time polishing and refining your work to make a lasting statement. Abandon the fruitless pursuit of perfection. Complete one work of art and then move on to the next.
  5. Share it! When you've completed your masterpiece share it with others. YouTube it. FaceBook it. Call the neighbors over to feast.
Like many holiday, Highly Creative Saturday is best shared with others: your partner, your kids, your cousin Fred.

Whether you celebrate today, tomorrow or a year from now, I'd love to hear about your creative endeavors.

Happy Highly Creative Saturday!

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  1. About God, and purpose, I make it up that we are purposely an image or reflection of what we term 'God, Creator.'

    Thusly my make-up is, my purpose is, to aim, to real-i-ze, make-real, our creativity (God's creativity, if one prefers)

    With our awesomeness of volitional-consciousness,
    we can 'make-real' anything at all, and thusly greatly determinate the flavor of our every experience.
    The question is.....what does one want?

    Is the explorer of one's God given talent, clear on specifically what they want?
    The biblical renderings on God's gift/talents as I recall portrays the options we have, and the distractions we can use to excuse our not utilizing more than the often referred to 10% of our ability. It seems to me that every excuse falls in some way under the category of fear. For me Fear is just another spelling for Devil, or not 'lived' (spelt backward)

    As BNK recounts, there is but one emotion, Love...everything else is but a reflection of its absence, fear....which is what keeps one from living.

    BW (as i read further the examples you offer Tef, It's like suggesting trying-on being fear-less, not afraid to be what some might label silly, and give oneself acceptingly, the fun of being silly and in the moment. Spontaneous fearless, fun.)


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