Monday, August 2, 2010

Do You Feel Lucky?

As we approached the end of Iris' thirty-eighth year on the planet, she determined that she didn't want to have a birthday party. Instead, what she wanted more than anything else was to have the band come over to rehearse and jam. And jam we did. We had the best not-a-party party ever.

Not only does our band improvise, but the band itself is improvisational; beyond the steadfast core, you never know who's going to show up. Iris' birthday band featured a special guest appearance by our dear friend Mark Kaufman (who drove all the way from Washington DC to celebrate, sing and learn how to play djembe ), our new friend Michelle (the chemical engineering, singing and song-writing cousin of our multi talented trumpet/bass player Scott), Michelle's young son Ryan (who jumped in on the drums), and Erin (the drumming sensation daughter of Michelle's college friends Laura and Tim who happened to be visiting Michelle).

OK, believe it or not, this is all going somewhere. After playing for a couple of hours, we took a break and everyone started sharing who they were and where they were from. (It's so cool how with music, you can get together with people whom you've never met and play for hours even before introductions have been made.)

As we talked, Mark K mentioned to me that he'd purchased this kick-ass, high-end telescope for him and his son Andy to share, but that the thing was so complicated he had no clue how to use it. He polled me for ideas on whom he could contact to get some lessons. He even had the telescope with him; it was sitting out in the minivan.

Well, it turns out that Tim (the Queens-residing, happened-to-be-in-town friend of Michelle the North Carolinian just-visiting-her-uncle cousin of our trumpet/bass player Scott whom we met at the coffee shop in Great Barrington) is an astrophysicist who, in addition to teaching at a university, puts together star gazing expeditions where he instructs people on how to have great experiences with telescopes.

So Mark K who just happened to have brought his kick-ass, high-end complicated telescope that he didn't know how to use just happened to be at a non-party jam session with an astrophysicist who routinely instructs people on the use of kick-ass, high-end telescopes. The odds were, well... astronomical!

Feeling Lucky
Iris and routinely comment to one another on how lucky we are. How lucky we are to live where live... How lucky we are to have the relationships we have with family and friends... How lucky we are to be able to do what we do... How lucky we are to have found one another... We just feel really lucky.

Some would say that you make your own luck and to a large degree I agree with them. Some would call it providence, saying that they feel not lucky, but blessed. Regardless of what you call it, regardless of attribution being chance, self-actualization, or devine guidance, there's something magical about feeling lucky, feeling blessed. In fact, you don't even need any evidence of being lucky or blessed to feel lucky or blessed. You can just declare it: I am so lucky! I am so blessed!

Go ahead, try it. Grab the next person you see and say: Hey, you know what? I am so lucky!

If they don't run away or hit you, they may ask: Why do you say that?

And you know what? I bet you'll have an answer. It might be one that's right there in front of you all the time, it might be one that you've never recognized or acknowledged, but no matter who you are or what you've experienced, there'll be something about which you feel lucky or blessed.

If the evidence of your great fortune doesn't immediately reveal itself, just give it another try, louder and with more conviction: I am sooooooo blessed!

You'd be amazed at how often we confuse ourselves regarding the cause-and-effect aspects of chance and providence. Most of us operate under the misconception that the evidence must precede the conclusion. However, it doesn't actually work that way. Feeling blessed or feeling lucky (in a way that is sustainable) starts with declaring the conclusion; the evidence comes later.

Have a blessed/lucky Monday!

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  1. I like being lucky - lucky means random - it means that the sun might shine on me more often than my popensity score say it will.... and I like that - and I'm greatful!!!


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