Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things to Do

In some ways I am a real organizer, in other ways I am a real messy person. These two qualities are both deeply rooted in me and are both useful at times. But my “messy” side is surely the more challenging for my lovely partner. For example, I like to fill the flat visible spaces with things that I still have to do, while Teflon likes to store all the to do things behind closed doors. I don’t like to put them out of sight, because then I forget about them and the to-do’s will remain not-dones!

OK, I know this is just a belief, but this is how I have been operating so far! I also have lots of proof that things stored were forgotten, so I really have been holding onto this belief tightly. Lately, I must say that things are changing. I bought this amazing computer program called Things. It totally changed my life. Things is a “make to-do lists” program. You can put all your to-do’s into the program, organize them by areas and projects, add due dates, and track them. Isn’t that exciting? Well for me it is!

After entering your to-do’s, the program will give you an overview of the things you have scheduled for that day, or you can look over the to-do’s per category or per project.

I must say I am in love with the programmer(s) of this program
. They think in the way I think. With this program I can do everything as I would with paper, but now I have the option to easily move things to different groups or dates. For example, this morning I woke up with 15 to-do’s, a couple of which might not be done by the end of the day. No problem, I just click on the item and change it to the new date I want it done. That’s it. Isn’t that easy? It’s amazing! Everything stays easily organized and I don’t have to spend time recreating a list from the do-list spinning in my head. It gives me a lot of brain capacity for other things!

After the spring months with allergies and asthma, in which I let go of a lot of things I normally keep a good handle on, I am now getting myself back on track with all my activities. And with this new program it is really quite easy. I have been using it now for a couple of weeks and I have sprinted through all kinds of not-dones that have been not done for ages. If any to-do’s come up during the day that I don’t address immediately, I add them to my program. This way I don’t have to think about it and I know that they will be done at a later point.

My head is clear and I am more relaxed and happy. Some people may point out that the only reason I feel happier is because I changed my environment by purchasing this program. They make it sound as if happiness created this way is a “bad” thing! Let me tell you, happiness is happiness and I am so happy with this change that the best thing for me is to recommend it to any of you who want to be organized but who're not always consistent enough to keep it going.

The program first changed my life and now it starts to ripple through to other places. My husband is amazed by the fact I seem to put more time into keeping the house uncluttered (no piles) and the fact that I have been taking care of some administrative stuff that was delayed for a long, long, long time. Hmmm... And I started to create time to put my running back in place. I picked up my singing exercises and started 12-week course called The Artist Way that I talked about the other day. And last but not least, I started to write again to you my friends. All because of Things. (This last statement is not totally true but it sounds so good!)

Ahh... one small obstacle might come your way if you would like to use this program: it is only available for use on a Macintosh. But then, getting a Mac is a great to-do!

Stay organized my friends!

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  1. I have that 'out of sight out of mind' belief, too!


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