Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Victim of Life

Over the last days Mark and I have had the opportunity to go back in time by opening boxes that we packed and stored three years ago. In doing this we found some wonderful reminders of things past. Below I will share a little poem that our friend Dave wrote and presented during our wedding ceremony six years ago....

No Victim of Life

Over twenty years I've got to learn
Mark's mind's fire that deeply burns;
Building a man that is so intense
that most simply discern he makes no sense.

His parents wished he would conform
To what others considered was the norm,
Fearing musical passions would leave him stuck
Forever driving a garbage truck.

So AT&T is where his days were spent
Delivering mail to pay the rent;
Some would have accepted that fate too
But no victim of life, that just would not do.

Mark tried changing the corporate giant
Mostly through acts of being defiant;
He continued to grow becoming CEO
of a company he founded, he gave it a "go".

But true happiness eluded him, the meaning of life
Needing a partner he could relate to as wife;
So his journey continues, Iris at his side,
To discover the worlds secrets, far and wide.

No one knows what the future will hold
But their eyes gaze, is all needed to be told;
They will continue to explore until the bitter end
And through it all, I'm glad I'm their friend

Dave Dingott ~ July 3, 2004

Dave, you were so right. We don't know what the future will hold, but Mark and I do immensely enjoy jumping into whatever comes our way. We love to explore the little secrets of life and we find it easy to find exciting new things to explore and build onto the things we learned before.

Thank you all our dear friends and family who support us in our way of living: a way that is atypical, unpredictable, and changes all the time.


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