Monday, June 28, 2010

One Special Person

It is so wonderful to see how one special person in the family helps so many people to grow around him or her. Conducting a relationship-based autism treatment program with a support team is such a wonderful way to help a special little person.

I often think about how blessed I am that I began working in a relationship-based autism treatment program. My whole life has changed and I am such a different person, or I would rather say I am so much more myself.

Oftentimes parents are worried that nobody would want to donate their time to play with their special children. When they do this, they don't see that what they are really doing is providing a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to learn about themselves, to grow their love deeper, and to become part of a beautiful extended family all through playing with their little friend. I am part of so many families and homes now all over the world. I feel very blessed that I can share in so many wonderful families’ lives and be adopted as their family member.

A Gift from the Universe
I see children with autism as a wonderful present from the Universe saying, "Here you go! Create something beautiful and become the best possible version of you."

Of course this isn’t always easy. The road is full of challenges, many sleepless nights, tantrums, picky eating, not wanting to bathe and so on. I totally understand that oftentimes, in the midst of one challenge or another, we don't consider ourselves very fortunate. However, further along in our journey, looking back, many of us see what an opportunity we received from life.

I was thinking of ways to see the opportunity right now rather than later. Here is something that you might try to begin seeing the blessing and opportunity in a situation that may not feel like blessing and opportunity in the moment. Sit down in a quiet, comfortable place with a lovely drink and a sheet of paper and write down answers to the following questions:
  1. What have you changed in yourself since your special child came into your life? What great things can you see in yourself? For example you might be stronger than you ever thought you could be. You might stand up for yourself in ways you've never done before. You might feel appreciative of the little things in life that you used to take for granted.

  2. Consider all the wonderful people you have met and become friends with since your journey started with your little one. Who are they? What have they brought into your life? What do they mean to you?

  3. What have you learned about diet, healthy eating, supplements, how your mind or senses work and so on?

  4. How have your priorities and values changed?

  5. In what ways is the world becoming a more loving place as a result of the work that you, your family and you volunteers are doing with your amazing child and all the love and celebration you share in the playroom?
Can you see the blessing and the opportunity?

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  1. you are such a blessing Barbara.

    When I entered a son-rise programe as a volenteer I said that I wanted to be part of it not only to help the child but to grow my self - the mum looked at me in disbelief.

    Today 10 months later we were laughing together - thinking about how the play room has shown us what to work with for ourselves.

    We have worked on having fun, setting bounderies, being passionated, controlling or out of controle.

    We also see how each of us has different strength - how we succed in moving the child in different ways.

    It's truely amazing!


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