Saturday, May 1, 2010

Relationship IS the Issue

I read a status on Facebook the other day that I liked. I didn't pay attention to who wrote it but it went something like:

My relationship with the issue, IS the issue.

I like this because it reminds me to keep an overall focus on HOW I deal with and feel about something rather than simply mowing through my emotions to get something sorted out. I appreciate the reminder because I do tend to get carried away (a little OCDish perhaps) with things that in the bigger picture really don't matter...(this is why I don't take people shopping with me).

One issue I've been having ongoing (on and off) for a few years is muscle and joint pain, usually accompanied with NO motivation (getting a glass of water seems like climbing Everest). This is not the me I know ME to be at all...I am one of the happiest, motivated, eager, persistent, and joyful people I know!

When I feel this unexplained pain, I feel fear about not being the person I know myself to be and my 'OCDish' thinking style kicks in (I ask myself a million questions...Why am I feeling this pain? What is the cause? What can I do? What is this? Is my Lyme Disease coming back? It's like I jump on a slide...and down, down, down I go...

It seems easier and more hopeful to focus on having a good relationship with this unexplained pain rather than getting afraid or trying to pin down the source in order to get rid of it. Establishing a good relationship with pain sounds strange indeed...but it's worth a shot.

I let you know how it goes.

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