Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bare un-Necessities

The Jungle Book (Limited Issue)I always loved Baloo's song in Walt Disney's version of the The Jungle Book. It's a song about the bare necessities. And in this song the bare necessity is food, and the food is easily available everywhere and anywhere.

To me bare necessities are simple things like: smiles of people, sunsets, time to sleep, eat and meditate.

Today for example I went to church. It is one of the things that I do regularly and which is absolutely unnecessary, but I prioritize it because it invites me to relax, reflect and appreciate simple things in live.

Funny enough, this was exactly what the sermon was about today: the only necessity in life is the un-necessary.

The examples where things such as: flags (we love to show our flags being reminded of different things), mothers day, birthdays, poems, being baptized.

What is more important than watching a sunset, spending a night talking to your friends, having sex or eating chocolate?

What are the things in your life you call necessary? What do you call un-necessary?

Many people say that our children are the most important, and yet most parents spend more time working than they spend with their kids. They find it highly important to earn money, but what is more important: driving a new car or watching the smile on your child's face?

People are being highly paid to do sports or create music. They are much higher paid than our schoolteachers or the people cleaning our hospitals. If you believe in free markets the salary is regulated by the demand, so the majority of society most believe that having a few excellent football-, tennis- or golf players is more important than having excellent teachers and being operated in a clean room.

Realizing that the unnecessary things are the ones that bring me lots of joy and pleasure, I want to pay attention to how often I prioritize the what is necessary versus what is not, and I may re-define what for me are actually the bare necessities.

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