Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vote for Iris!

Every Friday until November 7, 2010 you will find entries from a series written by Iris about her training to run the New York marathon in 2010. It is something she never aspired to do; she has never run a distance of more than two kilometers in her life. In this series she describes her adventures and how she works on her beliefs to transform her challenges and successes into one great experience.

It is amazing! I am running again. At this moment still on the treadmill so I can stop if needed, but for the last week and a half I am running again without reinjuring the weird inflammation in my leg. It seems that taking rest has been working. The inflammation disappeared and every time I work out I can do a little bit more.

Just in time, because upcoming weekend I have my first 10K run. The run will be around the coastline just below Boston and I am really looking forward to it. While pushing through the miles, there will be a beautiful view of sea on my left and dunes on my right. Circa 1700 people will join me running this beautiful course, so it will be quite a spectacle.

When I said I would run a marathon this year, I knew that I had to work on my beliefs to make it work, but over the last months there was more then beliefs I had to deal with. Building condition has to do with more things then just having your thoughts in line with your wants!

I had no idea that my cardiovascular condition would grow faster than building my muscles, so that I could over train my muscles and then injure myself! I had no idea that I would end up looking for and implementing a diet that helps prevent possible inflammation. (Want to know more, read this book: Inflammation Nation), I had no idea that I would start looking for new running shoes just a couple of weeks after I bought new running shoes!

I would not have wanted to miss the learning opportunities I had in these last couple of months, and I would not have had these experiences if I hadn’t decided that I wanted to make something I hated so much something really fun! And I must say this whole experience is fun!

Vote For Iris Tuomenoksa!

Now a couple of months into my training, I want to ask your help for the next part of my journey:

Tomorrow is the New York lottery and I thought to ask your help in getting me into the marathon. Do you belief that the power of the mind can change situations? Maybe even can change the world? Wouldn’t that mean that you could help me to be one of the lucky winners tomorrow, which would help me to show later this year during the marathon, that if there is something you really want, you can do it by focusing your mind on it?

So, please, vote for me by sending a positive vibe to my registration so it will be picked out of the thousands and thousands of names of people whom signed up. The drawing starts at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time, and you can follow the drawing live on the web at http://www.nyrrvideo.org/lottery.

Thank you so much for your support!

I want to run the New York Marathon on November 7, 2010. I will know if I am in this group tomorrow after the drawing. I will keep you posted about the results!




  1. Hee everyone. It DID NOT work. I didn't get an entree number in the New York marathon. I want to thank you anyway for your support!!! And now we are going to start another wonderful journey... choosing another marathon. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write them down. My preference is a marathon that is scheduled in the last three months of the year. XXX

  2. a) Berlin - last sunday in september - it is flat and fun - they often breaks the world record here - and it's said that the atmosphere is the closest you get to NY - and people are dressing up so it's a lot of fun. I will defently be there to support you.
    b) A'dam in october - since you might now the city - it's also flat but less fun than Berlin.
    c) Rome or Paris next spring - It will give you more time to prepare. I would love to join you if you pick one of those.
    d) try again next year ---- the 4.th time you are defently in....


  3. Option C sounds great, Joy. I could always throw a second half marathon in the middle. It would be so much fun to run together! Let's talk about it after my 10K...


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