Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happiness practice

I thought the volcano eruption on Iceland wouldn’t affect me, but it did. This is a perfect opportunity for me to practice to choose happiness, to stay present, to focus on what I want and to stay positive.

First I got the news that the family I was going to work with got stuck on their holiday. So I thought, no problem, I’ll go home earlier. (I am in the UK for a two weeklong outreach journey)

I told the family to focus their energy on staying positive instead of worrying and so allowing everything to work out perfectly. This is so easy said to someone else! But then...

Then I booked a ticket for Tuesday, so I would be home three days early. The days moved along and Tuesday was getting closer, and the ashes were not disappearing. I noticed that I started to use some worrying thoughts, but was able to stop myself. This was another perfect situation. The universe gave me the opportunity to practice. So I decided to stay positive and go with the flow even when it became clear that I would not be able to fly on Tuesday!

I am really doing it! I am so amazed by myself! Me, who used to worry about everything all the time!

So, what is helping me?
Prioritize feeling good, no matter what.
This is really cool. If we stop, take a moment and decide what we want to focus on in a situation we can really create our experience.

Turn the situation into an opportunity.
What a gift. I have three days when I don’t need to go anywhere, rush to a meeting or get up early. I went to the bank today and it was wonderful to take as long as I wanted.

Be present.
If I think about the future it is easy to think about all the possibilities, but I can have no idea what will actually happen. Ok, I could if I was a very reliable psychic, but I am not at the moment. So the most useful is if I stay present and enjoy myself.

Focus on what I want.
Whenever the following thought pops into my head “what if the planes don’t fly on Friday either" I stop and change my thoughts in the following way "I am going home; I am home by Friday night".

I believe this is a great opportunity to create something amazing together. I firmly believe that when we all stay positive, visualize clear sky and flying planes we can make it happen. When you have a moment imagine wonderfully clear sky above Europe and a peaceful volcano in Iceland.


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  1. I was volenteering at a retreate with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche this weekend - and we were so happy that he happend to be somewhere near Zürich so we could find someone to pick him up. - and he was going to Spain next, which is also possible by car. - it would have been different if he had been in India...

    BTW could we please visualise two peacefull vulcanos and a clear blue sky? Eyjafjallajökull has been known to wake up Katla, which is a much more powerfull vulcano...


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