Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So much of our lives is spent waiting, sometimes actively, sometimes passively, sometimes with great resistance... and yet, wait we do.

Sometimes our waiting wears a disguise and we call it indecision. But it's not really indecision, it's just a decision to wait... to wait and see... to wait for someone else to decide for us... to wait for another opportunity.

Sometimes frustration and fear masquerade as waiting... when we're stuck in traffic... when our children are late getting home from dates... when we want to know the results of the diagnostic test... when we want to hear the words "I forgive you"... But these are not really waiting. Fear, frustration, anxiety all come from being physically trapped in time while our minds race ahead of our bodies. Our minds are doing anything but waiting.

Then there are times when waiting comes quite easily: where we anticipate, but don't race ahead. We know what is coming and yet we're fully present in the moment... just waiting.

Waiting can be renewing and refreshing. It can be calming and freeing.

Paraphrasing a bit, C.S. Lewis once said that the present is the intersection of time and eternity.

For me, to wait, is to be eternal, even if only for a moment.

I waited this morning... I felt the air fill my lungs. I felt the blood coursing through my veins. I felt the cold wind doing its best to invigorate me. I heard the clock ticking... and the waves rolling... and the heating system blowing. And I waited...

I wanted to share my waiting with you.


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  1. refreshing, peaceful. loved it. waiting, part of the rhythm of life.


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