Thursday, February 4, 2010

Take a deep breath - delicious!

If you could take a moment, any moment, and freeze it, step fully inside it, explore every nuance of it in slow motion and create gratitude inside yourself about everything you find, wouldn't that be orgasmic?

This year, I have been really focusing on creating energy for myself. I have been really busy, the children have been wanting my attention a lot!
  • Simonne has started to wake up in the nights, just as Jaedon is beginning to go to bed at the reasonable time of 1:30am.
  • I often wake up in the mornings feeling like several blows were dealt to my neck and back. Isaiah, feeling the same way, thinks it's Zachary kicking us in the nights (Zach also wakes up every night, and has a particular penchant for sleeping pasted unto someone's body, with feet resting on someone else's body.)
  • Jaedon, who is making a lot of progress, feels like he is on 'speed', a rambunctious 3 year old in an 11 year old body. He's all over the place at once, asserting his wants, pursuing them, exploring new things.... particularly his siblings art supplies! He took some of Simonne's painting markers and removed the felt points that put the paint on the paper. She tearfully commented that when Jaedon starts talking more, he will have so many apologies to give!
So internally, feeling tired, and externally, attending to many things, I notice that around 2pm, I want coffee and I start to sound like this: "More art supplies??? NO! What do you children think this is?? NO! DON'T you start the crying! THIS is not something to cry about! The children who have no parents in Haiti? That's something to cry about. No paper?..." The children are looking at me cautiously. I want to tell them to Stop it! and I'm sure they are saying the same thing! (see my previous post)

I can do the internal exploration about the art supplies and crying and why I choose unhappiness... but you know what? I have a shortcut.  I realized that I had stopped being present, and more specifically, I stopped being grateful.

For me, the shortcut to happiness is gratitude. The shortcut to gratitude is being present.

Now, I'm practicing a sabbath moment as often as I remember. I do the most sacred and spiritual thing I can do for myself: stop. I stop the thoughts and, in my mind, jump into the moment. I explode the moment in my mind so I can see all its minute details and my heart is filled with gratitude as I see the wonder in every crevice, every corner. The intensity of gratitude and happiness is mind blowing!

Stop + Jump In + Explode the Moment + Gratitude = WhoooHooo!!!!

Try It
Take a deep breath, relax, become very quiet on your insides, still your thoughts, become very aware of your body as you let the breath out slowly. Allow yourself to experience the moment in slow motion, and create feelings of gratitude for everything you are aware of: the sounds you are hearing, the rhythm of your breathing, the relaxation of your muscles.... Increase your awareness of every detail and make the feeling of gratitude bigger and bigger.

How did that feel?

It's my B12 shot that I have in unlimited supply, energy and delight all day!


  1. Faith, perfect! What a great reminder that we can displace all the overwhelmed stuff simply by focusing on the now and drinking it in.

  2. This Day
    This day is Yours
    It's you're Re'Birthday
    This 'Present' is MAGIC

    This round looking thing may look like an ordinary knob,
    but far from it. --and it is yours.
    It has Power. Keep it close to you at all times.
    With it -- you can change channels and shift gears
    Try it out. It's your 'present.'


  3. Thanks, bw. I love having a rebirthday every day in any moment I choose! Hey Mark, maybe I do believe happiness is a choice ;-)

  4. Hey Faith,
    I believe that perhaps more accurately you believe that "being present" is a choice, which is a shortcut to gratitude, which is a shortcut to happiness.
    Totally cool. Just an alternative to choosing happiness. Choose being present.
    In the end, it's whatever works best (or not).



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