Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One Year Of Empowerment

Exactly one year ago, I started the Belief Makers blog. I was insecure about how to present the teachings I had learned and how to explain the ways in which I personally had changed my life by using these tools. I was starting my own little business, and realized soon that I was not able to explain properly the concepts of my coaching to the people that contacted me. I was trained well in my coaching, but had no idea about how to present my skills in a way that empowered others.

When I started writing I learned very quickly how powerful writing was for me. I had to verbalize what I had learned. I had to develop myself into a teacher that could convey ideas and concepts in a useful way to others. Now I recognize that I held myself back by constantly activating childhood beliefs that said that I was not good at language and expressing myself.

As a kid language was challenging. I wrote right to left, wrote inverted, reversed and confused letters. I could not copy sentences without mistakes for quite some time. I also had problems bringing my words into in thoughts, and was regularly misunderstood when I tried to convey my thoughts. For a long time I felt that my thoughts and feelings were dismissed as unimportant, to which I responded with upset and frustration. Have you ever seen a five-year-old turning red and screaming from the top of her lungs or crying non-stop because she felt frustrated that she could not explain what was going on in her mind? That was me!

So, by creating and writing for this blog I finally started to get a grip on my beliefs in this area. What an empowering result. I started to believe that I do have things to say that are useful for you as a reader. I also started to believe that I could teach others to create empowerment in their lives, one step at the time, just like I am doing every day. And I felt empowered enough to tell other people how empowering it is to write and ask them to join as authors on this blog.

I am immensely grateful and excited for the authors who decided to participate with me in this blog. They all put free time aside to express concepts and ideas that might help you, the reader, understand how powerful you are. Their writings express their deep-rooted belief that you are able to make your life happier, healthier and more empowered, and that you might even offer suggestions or examples of how others might do the same.

One year ago, I could not imagine that the Belief Makers blog would grow to an established blog with lots of different authors, that we would have self-published first book and that we would have created a consistently growing readership of people interested in empowerment. What a year it has been! So much we have learned and shared, and still at the beginning of this amazing journey!

Over the last thirty days, the article most read on our site, was Joy's article called Loyalty. (Read it here if you have not yet done so).

I personally do not believe in loyalty. In my experience, when talking about loyalty, most people mean blind commitment to someone or some community community. Oftentimes loyalty blinds people and creates stupidity. Loyal people buy beliefs and take actions because they want to be part of something without thoroughly researching the consequences and taking full ownership for their thoughts and behaviors. It reminds me of the expression: "They run around like a chicken with its head cut off".

I suggest that instead of being loyal, you support the things you believe in, and you question the things that makes no sense to you. I grew up with the results of the Second World War and have learned early that we cannot afford to follow orders blindly. Let me give you an example...

As a Dutch citizen I support the Dutch Kingdom. I support Queen Beatrix. When our Queen retires, I plan to support our future king, Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima. But if our Queen or our future king were to decide that Argentinians were the only acceptable immigrants to the Netherlands and to exclude all others, I would not support them in that effort.

Some people are uncomfortable with others not using loyalty. For them, not being loyal seems to mean, 'unpredictable' or 'loose canons!' or 'treacherous'. They fear that friends today, will become enemies tomorrow! They conceive of being stabbed in the back.

It's funny: the paragraph above is filled with fear of what could happen. As I think about it, demands for loyalty are simply fear speaking. Their fears support taking action to protect themselves from bad things happening, and with this they create in the world the very things they say they don't want. I think about the Second World War where loyalty to the government was used to kill millions of people. I think about all the places in the world where prisoners are held because they are not loyal to their governments, governments that may in fact be committing atrocities. I see all family disputes that arise after the death of the loved ones, because some believe their loyalty should be rewarded more than the others. I also think about a conversation I had at my front door someday in the Netherlands with a Jehovah's Witness. She explained to me that heaven is only for the Jehovah's Witnesses, the people "loyal to god". I told her that my heaven is open to everyone including god.

Jump into Empowerment
This blog was not created with the idea of establishing a loyal readership. My biggest hope has been that you become so empowered that you start to show us what you think and who you are. You agree with something you read? Great. Let us know. You don't agree with something you read? Wonderful, share your insights. You can actively create the world around you, by showing who you are and what you think. By taking ownership and support the things you want to see in the world, you help create that.

I am so excited that we have become a community of people striving to deeply understand empowerment, happiness, and all philosophies empowering for you and me. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we are not writing to tell you what to do and how to do it. But we do give suggestions about what you can do, we share with you how we do it, and how we believe that creating your own answers is empowering and will change your life and the life of others around you into an happier place.

We are jumping into the second year of empowerment, and I wish for you to embrace your beautiful unique self and support us by sharing some of your "Adventures in Happiness".

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